Great places for selfie in Israel

Great places for selfie in Israel

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Remember the days when people used to photograph a beautiful sight? Nowadays everyone is taking selfies in front of these views, and Israel is a perfect place to do it! Here are some perfect selfies opportunities all around Israel

Lips puckered, eyes popping, and a whole lot of attitude – selfie is king. If you didn’t capture yourself doing it – did it really happen? Probably not, and since you’ve taken all that time and effort to plan an adventure-filled Israeli holiday, you’re bound to take at least 500 selfies. Per day.
Read up to find the most unusual and inspirational selfie spots in Israel!

Old City Ramparts, Jerusalem

Jerusalem has some of the most iconic views in Israel, and picking just one is nearly impossible. Having said that, if you’re going iconic, might as well go all out. The Old City Ramparts offer a fantastic, nontraditional view of the Old City, from up above. Venture on a guided rampart walk and take the opportunity for a selfie over the Old City. Just be careful and don’t hold up the others behind you – the path is narrow.

Selfies in holyland

selfie in Jerusalem

The LOVE statue, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum is a great attraction for summer or winter, with a variety of exhibitions ranging from prehistoric to ultra-modern art. Photography inside the museum is not allowed – but is highly encouraged in the outdoor sculpture garden! Visitors are immediately drawn to the Hebrew adaptation of Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture seen in cities worldwide. Hug it, climb it, it’s time for some selfie LOVE!

Mini Israel

Halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv stands Israel’s miniature attraction – a scale model of all of the country’s major iconic landmarks and attractions. These 1:25 scale replicas make for a fun-filled morning or afternoon visit and let you pretend to be a giant, stomping around over miniscule Azrieli Towers, Dome of the Rock and the Bahai Gardens. Our favorite pic pick: A selfie towering over the Ben Gurion Airport.

selfies in Israel

Selfie in the Negev desert

Camel Selfies, Negev region

The Negev region is desert haven, and nothing says desert like a camel. Luckily, they’re not hard to find. They are, however, wild animals and should not be approached without a guide. Local Bedouins park their Ships of the Desert near various sites in the region, and offer camelback rides or just a photo-op for those feeling less bumpy. A camel selfie is as up-close as you can get to the primal authenticity of the desert – just be careful not to get too close, these fells spit!

Bahai Gardens, Haifa

Speaking of the Bahai Gardens, everyone knows the iconic green terraces, bold whites and shimmering golds spanning the slopes of the Carmel Mountain. Most tourists opt for a selfie at the top of the stairs, catching the views of the Carmel slopes and the Haifa bay. But if you really want to step up your selfie game, take advantage of the bottom of the stairs and capture the gardens in all of their glory.

Selfie in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea – a perfect background for selfie

The Dead Sea

The lowest place in the world is a national treasure and world heritage site, so you best believe your selfies will live up to the hype! Get yourself lathered up in the best medicinal mud around and tap that smartphone for an immediately recognizable image. And for those playing on hard mode: Are you brave enough to take your camera or phone into the Dead Sea? If you are, you’re bound to get a once-in-a-lifetime snap in the lowest place in the world.

The light at the end of the tunnel – cavern selfie

This one is for advanced selfie takers! The trick with cavern selfies is in positioning yourself with the light hitting from behind. Best selfie-worthy caverns in Israel include the somewhat claustrophobic Finger Cave (Meárat Etzba) in the Carmel Mountains, Khirbet Midras in the outskirts of Jerusalem, and the numerous grottos at Rosh Hanikra.

Selfie in Eilat

A priceless one – underwater selfie in the Red Sea

Underwater Observatory, Eilat

Underwater selfie without getting you or your phone wet? Count us in! The underwater observatory in Eilat is a great daytime activity for all ages, and the views from 6 meters below the surface of the water are guaranteed to have you grasping for the air tanks. So how about a selfie with a Red Sea fish, with a coral background? If you’re lucky, you might get photobombed by a jellyfish.

Headstands with Ben Gurion

Israel’s very first Prime Minister is well known for his political achievements, but also for being an avid practitioner of the Feldenkraiz exercise method. His most iconic image was captured on Gordon beach during a spontaneous headstand. In that very spot today stands a statue of the man, upside down, just begging for you to join him and be captured on camera.

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