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Passover in Israel: Attractions for Everyone

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Passover Holiday and Spring time in Israel is always a lovely combination; If you are planning a vacation in Israel during this time of the year, make sure you take part in some unique activities all over the country


Spring time in Israel and the Passover holiday celebrated during that time are one of the most pleasant and enjoyable time periods to visit. If you are planning to pack up some matzah and enjoy the beauty of Israel, here are a few recommendations that can spice up your trip with a lot of fun and magnificent views:

Workshop and Druze Hospitality in Hurfeish

The Druze community is one of the most fascinating, intriguing communities around. This Passover, you are invited to stay in the home of a traditional Druze family, learn about their tradition, history and the Druze home life, enjoying an unforgettable Druze hospitality experience in the home of a Druze family.

The visit begins at 10:00 at the home of Ibtisam Fares, with the best Druze hospitality has to offer. At 11:00, a guided tour will commence among the many charming corners of Hurefeish village, followed by the participants partaking in a workshop on preparing Druze cuisine, including several types of dishes such as the famous stuffed grape leaves. At the end of the workshop, all participants are invited to a feast featuring the best delicatessens of the Druze cuisine. The combination between a warm household, the unique food and the unforgettable views of the Galilee in springtime make the visit to Hurfeish highly recommended in this upcoming vacation.

Cost: for guided tour and workshop, including meal – 120 ILS per person.

Kosher food can be ordered with Tzohar Food Supervision.

Druze hospitality in Israel. Photo by Udi Goren

Druze woman making Druze Pitta. Photo by Udi Goren

Dramatized Lantern Tours in Peki’in, the Four Religion Village

The “Treasures of the Galilee” tourism initiative to promote tourism in the Western Galilee in conjunction with Beit Zinati Heritage and Visitor Center for Peki’in Jews offer a fun dramatized tour during the weekdays of Passover (Hol Hmoed) for the entire family, accompanied by guitar and lantern tour among the alleyways of the picturesque village of Peki’in. Hidden away in the ancient village of Peki’in, are the heritage stories of the Jewish people who lived in the land for thousands of years. The village is attributed ancient traditions, such as the cave in which Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai and his son, Rabbi Eliezer, hid for 12 years. The tour will pass by sites where past meets present; where a Jewish community lived continuously for over 2,000 years, and where a meeting point exists between traditions and customs of different religions that live peacefully in one area: The village spring; the old synagogue; a visit to the renewed Beit Zinati Visitor’s Center, where the Zinati family story will be told, and the Peki’in People’s Museum. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the old synagogue and a moving encounter with Margalit Zinati, the keeper of the Jewish tradition in Peki’in.

Cost: 60 ILS per adult, 40 ILS per child.

For further details and booking: Treasures of the Galilee

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

Beekeeper collects the honey in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

The Egyptian Exodus Festival in Yad Mordechai

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai invites its visitors to a festival whose highlight is an accurate reenactment of the exodus from Egypt. The festival participants are given costumes similar to those worn by the Israelites, then follow Moses, cross the “Red Sea” (Shikma river), climb the mountain and sand dune, listening to the exodus story told in an exciting, fun way in the background. In addition to the exodus, visitors can take a close look at the work of the beekeepers in the famous kibbutz beehives. They can also taste pure honey, prepare candles made of real beeswax and taste the kibbutz life on a buggy pulled by a tractor.

Egyptian Exodus activity only – 25 ILS per person.

Combined ticket for beehive house, tractor ride and Egyptian Exodus – 55 ILS per person (a child 3 years and up required a ticket).

Caesarea in Israel

The hippodrome in Caesarea. Photo by Lior Avitan

Horse Shows at the Hippodrome in Caesarea

King Harrods comes to life and the hippodrome in Caesarea regains its days of fame with professional cavaliers dressed in traditional garb, who put on exhilarating, fun acts. Alongside the acts, visitors are invited to partake in arts and craft, enjoy powerful music including the beat of drums, just like in ancient Rome some 2,000 years ago.

Cost: Show and arts and craft participation are included in the entry fee to Caesarea National Park (39 ILS per adult, 24 ILS per child).

A horse in Caesarea Hippodrome

Horses show in Hippodrome in Caesarea

Following the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

In ancient days, the Jews would travel to Jerusalem on Passover, which is one of the three pilgrimage festivals. One of the stops along the journey was Neot Kedumim Park. This coming Passover, you are invited to visit the gorgeous park, enjoy the blossoms and experience the events and excitement that surrounded the devout Jews during their pilgrimage to the Holy City.

The guided tour throughout the park unravels the story of one of the pilgrims, taking the participants on an enchanting journey to olden days, when Jews traveled from ancient Babylon to Jerusalem of today. You can take the short route (1.5 Km) or the long route (2.5 Km). Awaiting you along each route are skilled artisans such as the basket weaver, color mixer and fabric weaver. Each one will demonstrate her ancient craft, her merchandise and tell her story as well as her strange encounter with the mysterious pilgrim who visited her workshop. Detail after detail, the story of the pilgrim’s journey will unravel. At the end of the intriguing route, everyone will meet the mysterious pilgrim in a show entitled, “The Return of the Pilgrim,” which tells the story of a fishermen village in faraway Babylon, whose residents learn that the journey is no less important than the destination.

Cost: 45 ILS per participant 3 years and up.

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