Hot Summer: Israeli Attractions in July-August
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Hot Summer: Israeli Attractions in July-August

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The hottest season in Israel is a perfect time to freshen up on a wide variety of attractions awaiting you from north to south. We compiled the top ones for you


A summer vacation in Israel is enjoyable and spoiling. The warm weather allows for travelling across the country, as well as charming rest areas in the open air. Out of the wide range of attractions available during that period, here are a few we recommend including in your next trip to the Holy Land.

 Lichi Festival

Are you ready for picking Lichi? Lichi Festival

The Lychee Festival in the Western Galilee 

Lychee is one of the tastiest fruits of the summer. It is red, small, sweet and can be eaten (almost) without stopping. This is the 17th consecutive year that the “Falling in Love with Nature” agricultural tourist farm opens its gates and offers independent picking of lychee as part of the Treasures of the Galilee initiative to promote tourism in the Western Galilee.  The entrance to the farm also includes entry to all the attractions it offers, such as petting zoo, shaded picnic areas, and herbal tea and Turkish coffee offered to the visitors. Each one of the visitors receives a bag which they can fill with hand-picked lychee. If you wish to take more of this deliciously sweet fruit home, you can fill up designated containers and pay for them separately when leaving (25 ILS per Kg.) In addition, you can pick grapes, carob and passion fruit on the farm and pay for them separately at the end of your visit.

Opening hours: The farm is open to visitors from early July through mid-August, between 09:00-17:00, including Saturdays.

Admission: 30 ILS for any person 3 years and over

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Elmona Park in northern Israel

Fun in Elmona Park

Grape Harvest Under the Stars at Yiftah’el Winery

How do you feel about harvesting grapes at night? At Yiftah’el Winery in the Galilee, we prepare a fun and exciting activity for the entire family. The activity includes grape harvest as well as experiencing winemaking using machinery especially designed for kids. At the end of the activity, each participant receives a bottle of wine with a label bearing the harvester’s name as well as fresh pitas baked on the spot in a Taboon (original middle-eastern wood-fired oven). You can also watch a film depicting the winery’s history from its first days to the 21st Century is also available

Opening hours: The activity runs from early mid to late August, all week including Fridays and Saturdays.

Admission: 45 ILS per participant (harvester)

Chaperon:  30 ILS

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Rope Park in Northern Israel

Rope Park in Galilee. Photo by Ozrot Hagalil

A Summer Visit to El Mona Gardens

A unique sculpture garden was recently erected at Julis village in the Western Galilee, with water canals leading to gorgeous waterfalls, boasting a wide variety of flora from different origins, a collection of agricultural culture, exceptional sitting areas, animal corners and petting zoo and other hidden treasures. An ancient water well on the premises has been used in the past as a meeting place, and a reconstruction of a flour mill where they would mill their flour. On the lower level of El Mona Gardens, you will find an iron train track and a box car that symbolize they return of the reincarnation of the soul, according to Druze belief. The local vegetation, trees and flowers create a pleasant, charming ambiance. The gentle trickling of water, the shaded areas and the visit to one of the prettiest Druze villages in Israel is a rare opportunity to peek into a uniquely fascinating culture.

Admission: 15 ILS per person

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Upper Galilee Extreme Rope Parks

The ninja parks have made it to the northern part of the country with full force. Two of the finest parks are part of the Treasures of the Galilee initiative; one is located at Kibbutz Sasa and the other at the Monforte Lake in Ma’alot. Both parks boast high safety standards, are designed for both kids and adults of all ages and offer climbing courses, rappelling, and extreme rope courses like the ones in Europe and the U.S. It’s time to add some challenge to your vacation and stretch your limits of possibility to the edge and maybe even beyond.


Etgar Behar Park, Kibbutz Sasa – 60-120 ILS, depending on the package you choose.

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The Monforte Lake Extreme Park – 70 ILS

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Girls in Elmona Park

Feeding animals in Elmona Park

Summer at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem

This coming August, the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem is becoming a School for Young Wizards! As part of the museum activity, the kids will learn how to make potions and “folk remedies” like in the olden days, learn how to invent potions and spells, meet the “whispering wizard”, create a variety of amulets and even frighten fiends and ghosts away. At the end of the training, they will become certified wizards of the “Ghosts and Spells”/”For Spell’s sake” school of wizardry.

This is a perfect opportunity for you and your kids to enjoy a dramatized tour of the museum and discover new things in a captivating, fun and interesting way.

Opening hours: From August 4th until the end of August.

Sunday – Thursday, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 | an additional activity on Wednesday at 16:30

Duration: Approx. 2 hours | suitable for kids ages 5-10 | prior registration required

Admission: Child – 35 ILS | three children or more – 30 ILS per ticket | Adult chaperon – 22 ILS

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Camping in Hamalachim Forest

Sleeping in hotels during the summer in Israel may be very expensive, therefore camping is the prefect activity to enjoy the full beauty of nature even when sunset. Hamalachim forest is located near Kiryat Gat and is a wonderful location to spend a night or two under the sky. Aside from the pleasant weather, you can climb up a 235-meter high (770 feet) observation tower overlooking the Judea plain mountains and Hebron mountains, visit the Beit Govrin national Park, have a picnic in one of  the designated areas and simply enjoy a couple’s of family getaway with nature as your star-strewn backdrop.

The entry is free of charge, with camping equipment and food brought independently.

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