Beauty sleep: 8 Unique accommodations in Israel

Beauty sleep: 8 Unique accommodations in Israel

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Spending your vacation in Israel? You don’t have to do this the standard way and stay at a hotel or an apartment in the centre. Israel is full of unconventional accommodation places, just choose

By Reut Gawiser

Before reserving a hotel towards your upcoming vacation in Israel, try to stop for a minute and ask yourself: What can make this vacation exceptional? Now, having thought about it, here are 8 different answers that have something in common:

1. Avnei Eitan Indian Village, Golan Heights

The Indian village in the southern Golan Heights is located near Moshav Avnei Eitan. The village is located near the El Al Spring, with a view of the Hermon, a short drive from a variety of attractions and tourist sites in the Golan Heights. There you can stay in authentic designed Indian tents, in a Yurt – a luxurious air-conditioned tent suited for families, in Mongolian camping tents and even in huge tents suited for groups of 30 people or more. The accommodation includes quality delicious kosher meals, prepared on-site.

2. Beach cabins – Achziv

Achziv beach in Northern Israel

Sleep in a beach cabin – Achziv beach

Achziv is one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel; the lagoons that created shallow pools of sea water have made it especially friendly- welcoming families and young children, and dipping in the water made fun and refreshing. Right on the beach you can rent spacious wooden cabins with comfortable mattresses (up to 6 people staying in a cabin). All of the cabins have air conditioning, and on the beach itself there are shared facilities, locker rooms and a kitchen for preparing food, in addition to a beach restaurant. The stay at the cabins is very inexpensive and provides a great time for children and young families.

3. The Castle, Kerem Maharal

Your fairytale dreams are about to come true in this authentic, reconstructed castle from the Crusader period. Even though more than 900 years have passed since the castle’s hay-days, it maintains the majestic air of its original royal owners. The castle is surrounded by lovely greenery and free-roaming peacocks, and features a luxurious swimming pool and a huge villa for group stays.

Nearby attractions: Atlit Fortress; Ein Hod Artist Village.

4. Yapan (Japan) BaGalil, Peki’in HaHadasha

When you can’t choose between East and West, just bring the two together – Yapan BaGalil (Japan in the Galilee) is a single villa carefully designed by a renowned Japanese architect. The suite is fashioned in authentic Japanese style and features a traditional dining area, luxurious bedrooms and a Japanese stone-covered bath.

The tranquil Japanese garden is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, and guests are welcome to use the outdoor waterfall pool or the heated indoor pool.

Nearby attractions: Monfort Lake; Tefen Open Museum.


5. Zimmerbus, Ezuz

Sleep in a bus in the Negev Desert

How about sleeping in a bus? Zimmerbus in Ezuz

Falling asleep on public transportation has never been this comfy. Located in Israel’s Upper Negev region, the Zimmerbus compound will give you the ride of your life. Three old buses have been converted into compact yet fully furnished accommodations, including a kitchenette and an intact bus driver booth turned kiddy play corner. Perfect for families looking for a non-traditional stay.

Nearby attractions: Wineries like Ramat Negev and more; hiking in the Ezuz wadi; archeological sites.

6. Midbara, Tzukim

If you love to play in the mud, you’d love this place. Twelve carefully crafted mud cabins are comfortably spread out on the outskirts of Tzukim communal settlement at the central Arava region. Mostly targeted at couples (although families are welcome), the Midbara complex offers simplistic yet elegant mud-and-straw cabins. The atmosphere is shabby-chic, laid back but meticulous. Take advantage of the bicycles available to guests and explore the wonders of this arid region.

Nearby attractions: hiking and bicycle trails; the antelope farm; crocodile farm.

7. Mitspe Ramon Camping

Under the sky - unique accommodations in Israel

Sleeping under the stars – Mitspe Ramon

Sleeping under the sky is an extreme experience, not only for nature fans.
Mitspe Ramon, one of the most special pearls in Israel’s Negev desert, was lately announced as a Natural Starlight Reservation. This is the perfect spot to observe the stars and wake up in the morning to some great hiking options, Jeep tours, camels riding and so much more.

You can sleep in one big common tent, or in a smaller tent of your own, enjoy some Bar-B-Q  and essential but simple facilities such as showers, electricity standpoints and fridges for your food.


Sleeping in the Israeli desert

Sleeping in the Israeli desert


8. Mobile Trailer

Road trip in little Israel – who says you can’t? In Israel too you may rent a trailer and thoroughly explore the small country with the abruptly changing scenery – in the south you can be swept into the yellow soothing desert and lose all sense of time, in the north you can enjoy the green scenery, dip in clear stream water and visit the sea of Galilee. In the center you may visit the Judean Mountains and Jerusalem and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

You can choose between a camper trailer and a caravan with a built-in driver’s compartment.  Inside you’ll find beds, a small kitchenette, a refrigerator and various facilities; all you have to do is operate Waze and decide where you’re going.
There are many companies that rent out trailers, so… Google it and enjoy your trip.

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