Kinneret Beaches: Visit the Sea of Galilee

Kinneret Beaches: Visit the Sea of Galilee

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The Sea of Galilee, a.k.a Kinneret, is a kind of celebrity in the bodies of water community. It has remarkable historical, religious and geological features, and of course a lot of nice beaches, camping sites and water sports. Get to know some of them

Kinneret lake, The Lake of Gennesaret, Bahr Al-Mina, Sea of Ginosar, Lake Tiberias and The Sea of Galilee all refer to one unique spot in the north of Israel. It’s surrounded by Tiberias, one of the four holy cities for the Jewish population in Israel. It’s also where Jesus taught his followers and performed miracles, like walking on water, and it’s mentioned in Islam as a pivotal point for a prophecy.

Up until recent years, the Tiberias Lake provided 25% of Israel’s drinking water. And finally, it’s the world’s lowest point for a sweet water lake. Woh, that’s a mouth full (of water…).

Attractions in the Kinneret - northern Israel. Photo by Udi Goren

The mother ship statue on Tiberias’ promenade. Photo by Udi Goren

In recent years, Kinneret Lake became a vacation hot spot with its abundance of incredible beaches and fun activities. Here are just a few:

Romantic beaches – for those looking for a quiet beach to relax on

Ok, we know, every beach is romantic, but these ones are a bit more romantic than usual because they are off the grid and relatively secluded, so… keep it between us.

Bora Bora beach: White sand, turquoise waters, tropical setting, a chique restaurant and a dance bar after hours. If it wasn’t for the Falafel on the menu, you would have thought you’re actually in Bora Bora. Spectacular sunsets guaranteed.

Kinneret on sunset. Photo by Udi Goren

Romance is never underrated – Kinneret on sunset. Photo by Udi Goren

Ein Gev beach: This sweet strip of water has it all – a mini harbor, a nice boardwalk, cozy restaurants, and lots of… cows. The reason being that beach is laying on the charming Ein Gev Kibbutz. Join the kibbutz tour and get a vibe of how life used to be way back when.

Maagan holiday village and beach: The name says it all – prepare to be relaxed and pampered on this resort’s beautiful beach, offering a surf club and bike rents to explore the area, or just swim around in the water and try to catch the tiny fish attempting to nibble on your feet.

Kinneret beaches

Peaceful and quiet – one of the beaches along the Kinneret

Adventurous beaches – for those looking for adrenaline

Because Israel is an extremely quiet place, some may want to spice up their lives with water sports to get a rush of adrenaline. 

Ganim Beach: this beach is hosting a floating water park with 5 areas of adventure in different levels: family fun, toddlers area, water sports area, extreme sports, and a fabulous chill out zone on the beach itself.

Gai Beach: This is a private beach that belongs to a beautiful resort. Besides the beach you can enjoy the water-park that offers water slides (at different extreme levels), a wave pool, facilities for children, and water-sports.

The kinneret lake - view from Tiberias' promenade. Photo by Udi Goren

Tiberias’ Marine. Photo by Udi Goren

Honorary mentions – not really beaches, but worth your while 

Hamat Tiberias national hot springs: Thermal baths and springs famous for their positive effect on skin conditions and general well being, due to the quantity of sulfuric and hydro-chloric acid, calcium salt and minerals the water holds. This place has been active for around 3000 years, making it one of the oldest hot springs bath houses in the world which is still in use.

 Hamat Gader - 30 minutes drive from Tiberias

The largest alligator preservation park in the middle east – Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader: We’d be lying to say this is a beach on the Sea of Galilee (it’s actually 30 minutes south of Tiberias), but we’d also be remiss not to recommend you to visit this unique hot springs site, with healing powers of minerals dating back to The Roman Empire. Fun fact: this place also has the largest alligator preservation park in the middle east.

Whether you’d like to enjoy a swim surrounded by (harmless) little fish, camp out on the beach, sunbathe in style on a hotel porch, sail on the waters or wild it out with water sports – our list of beaches will have you covered.

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