Love at first site: a day tour in Jaffa
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Love at first site: a day tour in Jaffa

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You may know Jaffa from the Israeli oranges, but it’s so much more: great cuisine, beautiful sunsets, funky parties and artistic vibes are just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready to fall in love in one of the oldest port cities in the world

Have you met Tel Aviv’s old sister, Jaffa? Although it has some more wrinkles and a wilder history of more than 4,500 years of action, Jaffa is a wonderfully refreshing, authentic and beautiful city, offering ancient middle eastern charms with contemporary sophistication

To get you started, follow our planning of a magical day.

A perfect day of experiencing Jaffa

9:00 – Stroll along the beach from Tel Aviv to Jaffa

If you’re starting your day in Tel Aviv, head towards the beach and follow the coastline towards Jaffa. You can’t miss the iconic minarets (towers) of the Al Bahr Mosque (The Sea Mosque) and the Mahmudiyya Mosque, seen from afar. Enjoy the sea breeze along the way and stop to admire The Clock Tower as you enter Jaffa’s hustle and bustle. Follow your sense of smell to reach the next point of interest.

Old Jaffa - magical alleys

Surrounded with art and history – Old Jaffa

 10:00 – Breakfast at Abulafia bakery

After all that walking, it’s time for breakfast. This iconic bakery offers hungry visitors delicious sweet and savory pastry since 1879. Hopefully by this point you’ve realized that in Israel we take our breads very seriously, and demand that visitors try every possible baked good known to mankind. This is a good place to continue your pastry journey.

10:30 – Flea market

This market offers everything you can think of, ranging from jewelry, clothing, carpets, silverware, bags, household items, and so on, all is very colourful and intriguing. The charm of this market is in its atmosphere: the cafes, the music, the smells, the chatter, the movement, the merchants; Enjoy every moment in this typical middle eastern market.

12:00 – Kedumim square

Now, when your belly is full, you can continue to the main square of the city. Kedumim square is surrounded by wonderful points of interest such as St. Petrus Church, house of Simon the Tanner, Hapisga garden, the wishing bridge, boutique shops, interesting structures, unique galleries, archeological artifacts, and more. It’s like a candy box of sweet little surprises to unravel, so make sure you dedicate some time to explore this beautiful square.

See the sea? Live show in the open air

See the sea? Live show in the open air

13:00 – Lunch – Shakshuka or Hummus?

Some say that Shakshuka is the ultimate breakfast and Hummus is for lunch while others say – why not both for both? We’ll let you be the judge with two amazing choices – Doctor Shakshuka (since 1993) offering amazing dishes in Libyan style like Shakshuka, kuskus or shawarma, or Abu Hassan / Asli Hummus center, offering hummus and warm delicious pita breads amongst other mouthwatering dishes. Honestly, the choice between this two options is difficult. We really don’t want to be you right now.

14:30 – Old city

Several stone staircases will lead you from Kedumim square to the enchanting “Nativ Hamazalot” street of the old city. This picturesque street is an artist colony, full of galleries and small museums. The old city is carved into the hill, and surrounded by walls with secret paths, alleys, twists and turns. Walking down this ancient pavement along the houses, and across the sea, will make you open your mind and smile with no specific reason. Take the time to wander off, get lost and enjoy this walk-in history.


Tel Aviv Jaffa

Magical alleys in the old city of Jaffa

16:30 – Stroll along the port

The Old City leads to the ancient port of Jaffa. This place has been featured in Greek Mythology, captured by Pharaohs, conquered by emperors such as Alexander the Great, and made a lasting impression on many civilizations and rulers along history, due to its strategic position as a fort and a gateway to the area. Very much like Israel itself, this is a small, stubborn and lovely place to check out.

18:00 – Dinner at sunset at The Old Man and the Sea

Another iconic establishment is this fish joint, offering fresh and delicious dishes on the marina at the Jaffa port. The Old Man and the Sea restaurant is looking at the blue sea and offers the absolute best place to watch an orange sunset (Jaffa orange!). If one of you is celebrating his birthday by chance, don’t forget to mention it to one of the waitresses and wait for your surprise.

Old Jaffa city - a view on a churdh

Old Jaffa city – a view on a churdh

 20:00 – Drinks at Margoza Bar

Attention all hipsters and trend setters, we have an announcement; Tel Aviv offers really great pubs and bars, but this place is AMAZING. The Margoza Bar is a trendy cocktail bar that you cannot miss. Absorb the vibe of Jaffa and make new friends in this ultra-hip and happening place (we think that’s how the youth says it these days…)

22:00 – Dance in the Anna Lou Lou Bar

Get your groove on in this tiny yet fabulous dance bar, with DJ’s and music that all have a clear message of co-existence. This place will show you the best of Israel, not only in fun and partying but also in hope and humanity. In a sense, this dance bar represents the essence of Jaffa.

What can we say, Tel Aviv – Jaffa is here to claim its throne as the city to hang out in. Jaffa is enchanting, colourful and trendy. If you’re looking for a culinary experience, combined with a wild ride in history and an artistic angle – don’t hesitate.

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