The holy land after dark: 8 great clubs in Israel

The holy land after dark: 8 great clubs in Israel

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After a long day of history, culture, food & sea, it’s time to get your body moving to the beats of Israel’s club and dance bar scene. Spoiler alert: there is a scene


By Ori Shaked

To recognize a really good club or dance bar in Israel, you must have a dive bar mentality. The ultimate Israeli clubbing experience is walking around town with Google Maps in your hand, constantly asking – is this it? No, it can’t be, it looks like a haunted construction site, only to find out that it is the right place after all (golden tip: if you see some next level hipsters hanging out, you’re in the right direction – it’s like a bread crumb trail).

Night club in Tel Aviv

When you’ll actually get there, you’ll dance till morning with excellent music, beautiful people, and a vivacious atmosphere you won’t soon forget. We start partying late (23:00 is pretty much opening time) and finish early in the morning.

Here are some local (hidden and top secret) hot spots to choose from:

1. Wunderbar – 18 Derech hativat Golani st., Haifa

This place has amazing live shows of the hottest local artists, parties in the spirit of mainstream and alternative rock, poetry slam evenings, and everything you need to get inspired but also dance your feet off.

Parties in Israel

Till the small hours – night life in Israel

2. Scene Music Bar 37 – Sderot Hameginim st., Haifa

Haifa is a mixed city of cultures, religions and music lovers. This funky dance bar offers mixes of mainstream music, arabic beats, electro, hip hop and much more. This place is a delicious bite of the beauty of complexity.

3. Kuli Alma – 10 Mikveh Israel St., Tel Aviv-Yafo

Strange, funky, diverse. This dance bar / club / art house / arcade hall is one of the coolest places to hang out in this city. It offers several halls with different music in each, hang out spots for cozy conversations over a bottle of beer, and several bar spots.


Dancing in Israeli clubs

Sometimes It’s all about the D.J

4. Radio EPGB – 7 Shadal Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This underground club (literally and figuratively, it’s underground) is one of the best secret spots in the Tel Aviv club scene. It offers a mix of indie rock, mainstream, local and hip hop (but the really obscure stuff that no one actually knows) to dance all night to.

5. The Block – 157 Derech Salame st., Tel Aviv-Yafo

Inspired by his bigger brothers and sisters in Europe, and especially Berlin, The Block is one of the biggest clubs in Tel Aviv. The speakers blast house, techno and other delicious electro beats in three main floors, making it a fantastic night out for the hardcore party people.

6. Justice club – 28 Hebron Rd., Jerusalem

This massive club is one of the bubbliest clubs in Jerusalem, playing all sorts of music to appeal to all ages and tastes. If you love a good party and ready to dance the night away with the locals, this place is a great choice.

Clubs scene in Israel

Get your body moving to the beats

 7. Forum – 10 Nisim Elkayam st., Beer Sheva

With a track record of over 30 years, this iconic nightclub hosts party goers from all over the Negev region of Israel. It features hip-hop, mainstream, house, and special music lines here and there to spice it up. The club also has an outdoors floor during summer, and a never-ending list of famous DJs coming to play.

8. Baraka – 70 Shloshet Bnei Ein Harod St., Beersheba

This dance bar represents the student lifestyle in the capital of the south, with live shows, fun parties under the sky, and a great array of mainstream, rock, Israeli, hip hop and house music that plays all night long.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to discover in the Israeli nightlife! We welcome all types and kinds of party people from all walks of life to enjoy the scene. We’re friendly to all populations so feel free to be yourself and have a great time!

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