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There is so much to see and explore in Haifa! 

attractions in Haifa!

Haifa is a home to some of the country’s most beautiful and unique tourist attractions, making it an attractive destinations for anyone visiting Israel.

Baha'i Gardens
Perhaps the most popular and unique of them all, are the Baha'i Gardens - A nineteen terrace-long breathtaking gardens, extending all the way up towards the northern slope of Mount Carmel. The gardens are an exquisite work of art, surrounding a beautiful Shrine of The B’ab - the international center of the Baha'i faith.

Listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the gardens have a few entry points, and a stunning top view, overlooking the outer gardens, with Haifa’s stunning bay in the background. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in the country, visually impressive as well as meditative and spiritual. The Baha'i Center also offers free tours of the inner gardens, which can be booked via the website.

Haifa’s Transparent Cable Car
Equally popular among both locals and tourists alike, is Haifa’s transparent cable car. Three see-through large balls, travelling along from Bat Galim neighborhood all the way up towards the Carmel Ranges, then back. Passengers can enjoy a beautiful birds-eye view of the city, sprawling over the blue bay, and disappearing into the top of Mount Carmel. The ride takes about five minutes one-way, and on the way back it’s possible either to ride the cable car, or walk down the steep trail toward Elijah Cave. At the top of the cable car dock you can enjoy a myriad of restaurants, head to the beautiful Stella Maris church or simply enjoy the bay views. On a clear day it’s possible to see all the way up to Akko Bay.

More Popular Attractions in Haifa

Segway Tours
Downtown Segway tours have also become popular in recent years, offering a new and exciting way to discover Haifa’s dynamic and magical downtown.
Seasoned with stories from the city ancient times and recent history, the segway travel guide takes groups on unforgettable tours around Palmer Gate, Port Campus, The Turkish Market, Paris Square, Nisnas Valley, The German Colony and of course the Baha'i Gardens. A great, light and fun way to explore Haifa’s diverse downtown.

Kramer’s Yachts
For an unforgettable experience look no further than the Kramer’s Yachts, inviting you for a relaxing, romantic, day and night cruises.  The calm waters of the Mediterranean make for a perfect setup for an easy, laid back cruise, lead by a team of professional skippers (+972-52-4320549).

And while at sea, why not go for a scuba-dive or surf sessions? Some of the country’s most popular beaches, scuba dive locations and surf clubs are located in Haifa and around the area, definitely worth looking into.

Carmel Park
Every visit to Haifa must include a few hours to spend in the tranquil Carmel Park. Known as Israel’s ‘green lung’, the Carmel Park is home to the country’s most beautiful natural forestation, sprawling over a vast stretch of land of 21,000 acres.

There are plenty of picnic spots nestled in shaded locations, with river trails crossing the forests, as well as approved camping grounds and even a safari area with animals roaming freely, right in the heart of ‘Little Switzerland’ forest.

While in the national park, don’t miss out on visiting two Druze center - Daliat Al Carmel and Usafia. These are great spots to visit for an authentic Druze lunch, or for some shopping time at Dalia al Carmel’s street market.

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