Cash Surcharge For Bonus Tickets


​​​​​​Cash Surcharge When Utilizing Bonus

​Changes and Updates in the prices and conditions of bonus tickets will go into effect for tickets sold as of April 1st, 2019. To the new conditions>​​
Matmid Club members are entitled to purchase bonus tickets according to the price lists and bonus ticket conditions applying to tickets sold until March 31, 2019, regardless of the actual flight date.​​ ​

Cash Surcharge When Utilizing Bonus Tickets to EL AL Destinations

Surcharge in Money for Roundtrip Flights
Key to the Number of Points Required for the Cash Surcharge on Roundtrip Flights
Mediterranean Basin

Athens$60180 Points = $60
Larnaca​ (for sale as of April 30, 2018. for departures as of October 15, 2018)$60 180 Points = $60

Bucharest ,Sofia
180 Points = $60
​Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Prague​ (for sale as of ​April 30, 2018​. for departures as of October 15, 2018​)$60 180 Points = $60​​
​Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, London (Heathrow, Luton), Madrid, Marseilles, Milan, Moscow, Mun​ich, Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich, ​Nice (for departures as of March 31, 2019)​,
Manchester (for departures as​ ​of May 26, 2019)​​
$120​​360 Points = $120
​Lisbon$120​360 Points = $120
South Africa
​Johannesburg​$250​450 Points = $150
​ ​ ​North America
Boston (for flights as of June 28, 2015), ​Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami​
New York (Newark, JFK), San Francisco  (for flights​ as of May 13, 2019​)​​, ​Las Vegas (for departures ​ as of June 14, 2019)​​​, Toronto (for flights as of January 13, 2019)​​​, Orlando (for flights as of July 2, 2019 - August 20, 2019​)​​
$250​​450 Points = $150
​ ​ ​Far East
​Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai
​$250​450 Points = $150

  • Prices for part of the cash surcharge for one direction will be half of the prices appearing in the above table for roundtrip bonus tickets
  • It should be emphasized that the key is identical for all service classes
  • Valid only for bonus tickets for flights departing from Israel and from overseas (not including deal tickets that include money and points)
  • ​Payment for bonus tickets is with points + cash supplement + Port taxes
  • For destinations in South Africa, North America and the Far East only part of the payment for the cash surcharge may be in points. When ticketing, an additional payment will be charged
  • ​Cash Surcharge​ with Points to the following destinations: Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Pruge and Larnaca will be added to the new bonus fares and through the EL AL call center only​

Table of cash surcharge that is charged when utilizing bonus tickets purchased with points, as of February 9, 2015