Preferred Seat


​Economy Class Preferred Seats

EL AL is offering a new service that allows Economy Class passengers to purchase a Preferred Seat in advance, for a fee.

An Economy Class Preferred Seat is a seat with improved legroom due to its location near an exit seat or a bulkhead.
These seats are assigned according to a priority list and without payment to Top Platinum members and accompanying one passenger and to Gold and Platinum customers.

Bulkhead seats are allocated to parents flying with babies up to nine months old (free of charge).


Short/ Medium-Range Destinations - The price is per direction
Greece, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague, Kiev, Sofia, Western Europe including Moscow and Warsaw
150 Points
Long-Range Destinations - The price is per direction
USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Hong Kong South Africa, India
299 Points

Would you like to purchase a Preferred Seat in advance?

The service entails a fee

  • Please note that  as of  March 1, 2016, ordering a Preferred Seat through the Customer Service Center entails a handling fee of $10 per person. Booking the seat or service through the website does not entail a handling fee.
  • Matmid Club members may purchase a Preferred Seat with points if they have the required number of points. Missing points cannot be supplemented with money.
  • Purchasing with points can be completed at Ben-Gurion Airport or by contacting the Telephone Service Center
  • Passengers accompanying Platinum and Gold passengers may purchase the service with points if they are flying with the Matmid member on the same flight
  • Please note that the number of Preferred Seats is limited and varies according to the aircraft model
  • Register now for the Preferred Seat waiting list for your next flight and we will contact you within the next few days
  • Passengers with a confirmed ticket, accompanying Platinum and Gold costumers - are requested to register for the service
  • For those flying from India. A government service tax of 5.6% + 0.20% for economy & 8.4% + 0.30% for Business will apply for flights from Mumbai-Tel Aviv.
  • In case of a failure to show up for the flight or in case of a cancellation after the purchase of the seal, no refund will be granted (either money or points)
    This is subject to the Consumer Protection Act, 5741 – 1981 and its regulations.

Prices, information about the service and FAQ - click here