Live Animals Shipped as Cargo



Transporting live animals


EL AL Cargo’s Direct Sales counter handles the transportation of live animals to various destinations, whether accompanied by their owners or not. 

the direct sales team will be happy to be at your service, will provide information and guidance​, and will accompany you for the entire process.

live animals to the following destinations: UK, Hong Kong, South Africa and​ Australia​ must be transported in the cargo holds accompanied by an airway bill even if the owners are on the same flight.

this, in accordance with a requirements of local authorities in these countries.

our professional team will gladly provide all relevant information and will assist in choosing the appropriate cage that you will have to purchase depending on type and size of the animal.

if needed you can also purchase at the counter cages of various dimensions.​

  • The cage to be used, must meet with all airline and international IATA standard​
  • the cage must fit the animal, which must be able to freely stand up and move in it.     
  • The cage must have fasilities to water the animal ​

Veterinary documents :

  • All animals must be accompanied by health certificates signed by the privet Veterinary as well as the government Veterinary.
  • The health certificates signed by the government Veterinary is valid for ten days only 
  • Before exporting live animals it is the responsibility of the shipper to check with the appropriate authorities at state of destination and to verify the necessary conditions required to enable the import of animals in to that country.
  • the owner of the pet has the sole responsibility in complying with the required instructions of the authorities at state of destinations.
  • EL AL Cargo will not be held responsible for any case in which the entry of a pet into any country will be denied.

For further details and prices of transportation, please contact by Email:

Days and hours of work
Veterinary Services Department, Ben Gurion​
Sunday / Tuesday / Thursday 
10: 00-12: 00

​Web Site Veterinary Services

how to book a flight for the live animals 

  • contact must be made with the  EL AL Cargo Store, Maman Building, Ben-Gurion Airport, approximately two weeks before the intended flight, in order to book space for the pet.
  • at the time of booking all the details of shipper consignee, dimensions of the cage and weight of the pet must be advised
  • after booking was confirmed the shipper must arrive at the direct sale department three days prior to the flight with the pet, the cage end the signed Veterinary documents.
  • the purpose of the arrival is to check the cage, to ensure it fits the pet to deliver the Veterinary documents and to pay for the transportation of the animals.

For further details and prices of transportation, please contact by Email

​ContactEmailDays and hours of work
Direct sales ELAL  cargo, building Maman
Monday to Thursday 09: 00-16: 00