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​​​​​Eilat - The Eternal Sunshine City!


Eilat, Israel’s touristic capital is the country’s most southern town, nestled around the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Boasting an array of luxurious hotels, restaurants, clubs, and stunning beaches, Eilat is the perfect destination for your upcoming holiday. 

Both a port city as well as a holiday and leisure destination, Eilat has an ancient history dating back to biblical times, when it was considered to be a strategic strong point, due to its geographical location and proximity to the Red Sea, Jordan and Egypt.

Since the 1950’s Eilat is considered to be Israel’s leading touristic destination, both domestic and international, with around three million visitors annually.

Apart from being a haven for sun-loving tourists from all over the world, Eilat is also known for its sports and recreational activities, including extreme sports, and water sports competitions. Desert triathlons, open water swimming competitions and biking trails attract large numbers of international athletes, braving Eilat’s eternal summer weather.

For desert-loving travelers Eilat offers some of the country’s most beautiful trails, all in close proximity to the city center. Lush desert sunsets, camel trips, four-wheel drive day tours, walking trails suitable for all, and evening strolls along the seashore - this little sunny, seaside town has it all.

It’s impossible to speak of Eilat, without mentioning its world-class hotels, known for their high standards and endless variety of pampering rooms and luxuries suites. Eilat caters for all kinds of travelers and travel budgets - from small guest houses to the most expensive hotels, Eilat knows how to tailor the right solution for your upcoming holiday.

Whether traveling inland or by plane, Eilat’s public transport system is tourist-friendly, and it’s very easy to find your way around. Shuttles go back and forth from the hotel’s area into town, and the city is dotted with taxi ranks. A short cab ride will get you just about anywhere you need to go.

Whether traveling with family, alone, or on a romantic holiday, Eilat offers a rich variety of touristic attractions and day tours in and around the city. Festivals, museums, theme parks, water activities, underwater activities ranging from scuba diving to the famous observatory - all make Eilat Israel’s leading tourist destination.

You may find detailed information on all events, attractions and accommodation here.


Destination ID

  • Country Israel
  • Area Approximately 85 km2
  • Formation 1952
  • Population Approximately 20,000 residents
  • Language Hebrew
  • Currency ILS
ש"ח3.88 NIS
Dollar 1 Dollar
Google Map of Eilat, Israel