CASH&POINTS - book your flight, pay with points and save money

Now you can use the points you've earned to buy a flight ticket, as well as baggage and seating, and pay much less
​No matter how many points you have earne​d, you can redeem them by booking with CASH&POINTS.

What does a CASH&POINTS booking include?
The purchase of a flight ticket, luggage and seating – all in a simple and easy process through our new booking engine or travel agents.

How does it work?
When you book online or through a travel agent, you determine the number of points you wish to redeem out of the total booking cost of the ticket and/or seating and baggage.

How to order CASH&POINTS on the website?
    1.  Identify yourself as Matmid Frequent Flyer Club member.
  1. In the reservation engine, you select the requested flight and enter the number of passengers.
  2. C​heck the discount amount you will be given in return for the number of points you have decided to redeem.
  3. You can also decide, in the same manner, if you wish to redeem points to cover luggage and seating.

And what about a award flight ticket?
Now, you can book a round trip ticket composed of an Award ticket in one direction and a CASH&POINTS ticket for the second direction. 

What other services can be purchased using CASH&POINTS points?​
  • When you order flight tickets on Code Share flights with a LY code
  • On flights that combine a leg on EL AL flight and another leg on a foreign airline

Also: You accrue points for your cash!  
Every purchase of a flight ticket using CASH& POINTS you will earn points for the cash amount of your purchase. See the accrual table >> 
Additional conditions
Additional conditions
Published at: 08/07/2019

  1. For changes and cancellations, please contact the call center: 972-3-9771111
  2. Ordering CASH & POINTS is possible through the EL AL website or through travel agents, and not through online agents.
  3. The terms of the flight ticket, accommodation and baggage of the CASH&POINTS benefit, including order cancellation and change terms, will be specified at the time of purchase. 
  4. Accrual of points for flight tickets purchased with the CASH & POINTS benefit will not awarded for the cash component of the baggage and seating costs. updated accrual conditions >>
  5. Redeeming points for flight tickets purchased with the CASH&POINTS benefit will not be awarded if the flight ticket includes a c​ontinuation flight with a foreign company
  6. Availability of the CASH&POINTS benefit is subject to supply and demand considerations and availability of seats on the flight. Availability may vary depending on your flight destination, flight date, and other economic, commercial, and business considerations to be determined by the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club.
  7. During certain months and for certain destinations it is possible that the availability of flight tickets with the CASH&POINTS benefit may be lower or unavailable.
  8. In any case, the availability of flight tickets that can be purchased through the CASH & POINTS benefit over a calendar year shall be no less than 50% of the total number of seats offered per year on scheduled EL AL flights.
  9. The rate of conversion of points to cash may vary according to the flight destination, flight date, supply and demand conditions as well as other economic, commercial and business considerations that will be determined by Matmid Frequent Flyer Club. It is the responsibility of club members to check the conversion ratio prior to completing the purchase. In any case, the point-to-cash ratio shall not exceed 5 points per 1 dollar.
  10. A CASH&POINTS flight ticket is not valid for a group reservation of more than 9 passengers.
  11. A CASH&POINTS flight ticket is valid on EL AL flights, Sun d'Or flights, or Code Share. The ticket cannot be transferred to foreign companies.
  12. Subject to the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Regulations and its terms and conditions as published on the EL AL website