American Express

​​​American Express - Israel Conversion RatioCredit Card TypeConversion RatioContact InformationGold, Green,Business and Credit29 Membership Rewards® Points =1 Matmid PointTel. 03-6364470Platinum6 Membership Rewards® Points =1 Matmid PointFax. 03-6895462Tel.1 800 507 507 Ext. 1Centurion5 Membership Rewards® points =1 Matmid Point1 800 366 366 Ext.Minimum conversion: 174 Membership Rewards® points How are points converted? If you have transferred points in the past, you can convert your points through the websiteFirst-time conversions must be performed by faxing a transfer form to 03-6895462 For further details click hereFor online conversion on Amex Online, click hereAmerican Express - USAConversion RatioConversion RatioContact Information50 Membership Rewards® Points = 1 Matmid PointTel. 800-297-3276 ​Minimum conversion:1,000 Membership Rewards® pointsHow are Membership Rewards® points converted? You can convert Membership Rewards® points through the Membership Rewards® website or call American Express directly at 800-297-3276.Membership Rewards® points are converted in 1,000-point increments.Make your reservation before transferring Membership Rewards® points to your Matmid account. Once Membership Rewards® points have been transferred to your Matmid account, they cannot be reversed.

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