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Flights to Zurich (Switzerland)

Flights to Zurich (Switzerland)

Flight Tickets to Zurich with EL AL - Special Deals and Benefits

Zurich - the largest city in Switzerland - is a pleasant European city. Wondering through the alleys of the old town provides a rich cultural and architectural experience. In Zurich you will find important museums, cinemas theatres and concert venues alongside a lively night life - clubs, pubs and a young atmosphere. To plan the flight to Zurich you can use the information we have gathered for you - about the weather, transportation, deals to Zurich and more.

With EL AL you will fly to Zurich comfortably, safely and in maximum speed. Direct flights to Zurich leave TLV Ben Gurion airport and land at Zürich-Kloten airport in Zurich. The flights are usually carried by Boeing 737-800 airplanes with rich VOD entertainment packages.


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