New 737-900 Boeing Aircraft


​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcoming EL AL’s Future Aircraft to Europe

Boeing 737-900ER 

EL AL is proud to present the planes of the future - the new 737-900ER aircraft for a comforting and luxurious flight experience.

As part of the general renewal of its fleet, EL AL has purchased 8 new aircraft of this model, the most advanced and sophisticated narrow-body plane in the world. Five aircraft have joined the fleet on EL AL flights to/from Europe. By early 2016, the fleet will number 8 aircraft.

  • Design:

    In these new aircraft, EL AL is launching a new design for its aircraft interiors, with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and innovative mood lighting that changes throughout the flight.

  • Business Class:

    EL AL business class passengers will be able to enjoy full comfort business seats, with 44” of space. All seats are equipped with sockets for laptops and USB connections.

  • Economy Class:

    Economy class passengers will be able to enjoy advanced technological designed seats, with ergonomic cushions for maximum comfort. The seats offer comfortable space, also thanks to the location of the literature pocket at the upper part of the back of the seat. All passengers will enjoy the option of power sockets for their laptops and USB connections so that they can remain connected at all times. As well spacious upper storage compartments for carry - on luggage.
    We renewed ourselves for you with the Boeing 737-900ER - enjoy!