Pride Month 2019: All The Events in Tel Aviv

Pride Month 2019: All The Events in Tel Aviv

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The Tel Aviv Pride Parade attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. This year it will be celebrated under the slogan “The Fight for Equality Continues”; Here is all you need to know about the pride events on June 2019

By Ronan Kaplan

The sounds of the Eurovision song contest have barely dimmed, and Tel Aviv, the Nonstop-City, is feverishly preparing for another major event that attracts hundreds of thousands of participants: Tel Aviv Pride Parade. The parade has been taking place for 21 years consecutively and has become one of the prominent trademarks of this city and the liberal, pluralistic life in Israel.

Tel Aviv Pride Parade

Taking part in Pride Parade in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Pride Parade attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Over the years, it has evolved from a one-day activity to a series of events for the LGBTQ community and its supporters, spanning over an entire week. This year, the slogan accompanying the events is, “The Fight for Equality Continues”; Tel Aviv Municipality is also going to invest in a media campaign that will emphasize the legal discrimination against same-sex marriage, parenthood, obtaining recognition as families, support for the community and transgender community, personal safety, and other important topics for the community members.

Pride Month in Tel Aviv

Pride Month in Tel Aviv

On Thursday, June 13th, a day before the parade, discussions and installations will be held around the city, in addition to a series of cultural events soon to be announced by the city. The gay community will also run its first ever national conference as part of the Pride events. The conference will discuss three major topics: Promoting LGBTQ rights in the public-political arena; connections between the business sector and the community and positive influence in culture and media.

Tel Aviv city hall colored by Pride flag

Tel Avivcity all – Pride week in Tel Aviv

The Pride Parade itself will march on Friday, June 14th. The traditional event by the community’s organizations will begin at 10 a.m. in the adjacent streets to Gan Meir, off King George Street. At 11:30, the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ron Huldai, will launch the parade along the Tel Aviv promenade, ending at Charles Clore Beach Park, with a giant Rave beach party featuring top local artists and clubs until sunset. Last year, approx. 250,000 participants were accounted for, a record number of parade goers, and the organizers are preparing for a similar number of participants this year too.

The main meeting point throughout the entire Pride week will be during the afternoon at Hilton beach, located under Gan Ha’atzmaut, known as a meeting point for the community on regular days as well. This location will host alternating DJ’s playing upbeat hits.

Pride flags in Tel Aviv

Pride Parade along Tel Aviv’s Promenade

Most of Tel Aviv’s clubs will also offer special pride parties to attract the big crowd. Among the prominent parties: Ofer Nissim at the Exhibition Grounds, a mass party by FOR EVER TEL AVIV party line with Sagi Kariv and a guest party by the WE party line from Madrid at Haoman 17. Some of the parties include guest performances by famous singers, so it’s best to get updated on the line-up in the coming weeks.

The 2019 Pride events are accompanied by a new anthem, the song “Who is Harassing Me?” (“Mi Mechapes Oti?”) written and produced by Stav Beger (who wrote the Eurovision winner song TOY) and performed by Maor Edri and Karakukli; the music video also features journalists Lucy Arish and Nadav Bornstein, who, along with Dalit Rechester (DJ), Talin Abu-Hana (a transgender contestant in the 2018 Israel Beauty Queen contest), Simcha Guetta (a plus size model) and Suzy Boom (drag queen), are demanding” “Stop Harassing us!”

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