EL AL Benefits


​EL AL Benefits

  • Earning PointsEarn an additional 10% in points on EL AL flights and UP flights
    The additional points are per flight segment. The points are Extra Points and are valid for three years
  • Bonus Flight Tickets: Special fares for bonus tickets Utilizing bonus ticket with higher seat availability
  • Flight Tickets: Pay for part of the cost of flight tickets with points
  • Baggage Benefits: 50% discount on payment for one additional piece of baggage beyond the entitlement in Economy Class. The benefit is for one piece of baggage for FLY CARD holders. (For customers with an Israeli bank account)
  • Duty Free: 5% standing discount at the time of debiting on EL AL Duty Free on the Plane. Top Platinum members are entitled to a 5% discount on purchases from Duty Free on the Plane by virtue of their tier status

Additional Information

  • For customers with an Israeli bank account, subject to the Frequent Flyer Club Regulations
  • Customers who issue a Diners Club FLY CARD can issue an additional MasterCard FLY CARD at no charge. The conversion rate for FLY CARD is NIS 500 = 1 Matmid point. Additional information can be found in FLY CARD regulations on the Diners Club site
  • The conversion rate for transactions with state institutions is NIS 500 = 1 Matmid point
  • Conditions for joining FLY CARD:
    FLY CARD is issued to persons with a bank account in Israel. Full and binding details appear in the documents for joining.
    Subject to Matmid Club regulations and relevant credit card conditions and subject to authorization by Diners Club and at its exclusive discretion
  • Point accumulation according to details in Matmid Club Regulations
  • The companies are entitled to change the benefits at any time
  • For use around the country in businesses that honor Diners Club cards
  • The gift for new members will be given once to each customer and will be awarded when the card is credited with at least one point for purchases. The gift for joining the YOU and the Mega chains will be awarded in the branches or will be sent by postal mail after receipt of the credit card and is limited to a one-time purchase of up to NIS 700