Conditions for Use of the EL AL Website



Agreement Between EL AL and its Customers

​Welcome to the EL AL website (“the website”). The sole purpose of this website is to help our customers find information regarding travel and services related to travel and make reservations that meet all conditions of the agreement specified below (“legitimate reservation) and for no other purpose. The terms “we,” “us,” “ours” and “EL AL” relate to EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. 70100 (henceforth “EL AL”), P.O.B. 41, Israel 7015001 and/or all subsidiaries and bodies linked to EL AL that deal with tourism services of the airline and/or others on their behalf. The terms “you” or “the customer” (and others referred to in second person) relate to the customer who is visiting the website and/or making a reservation through the site, or through our service agents.

This website is offered to you, conditional on your agreement with no changes to any of the terms, stipulations and notifications specified below (which together will be called “the agreement”). By accessing this site or using it in any manner, you agree to being committed to this agreement. Additional stipulations and conditions may apply when you are ordering products or specific services. You hereby agree to be committed to these additional stipulations and conditions as well.

Please read the agreement carefully. If you do not accept all of the stipulations and conditions, do not use this website. Be sure to return to this page from time to time to review the most updated version of the agreement. We reserve the right to change or amend the agreement in any way, at any time, according to our sole discretion and with no prior notification. Your continued surfing on the website or continued use of it attests to your acceptance of the updated or amended agreement.  

As a condition of your use of this website, you undertake that you (i) – are 18 years of age or older; (ii) - have legal authority to undertake a legally binding commitment; (iii) - will use this website in accordance with this agreement; (iv) - will use this website only to make legitimate reservations for you or for another person or persons for whom you are legally authorized to act; (v) – will inform those others, as aforesaid regarding the stipulations that apply to reservations made on their behalf, including all of the rules and restrictions that apply to them; (vi) – all information you provided on this website is correct, accurate, up-to-date and complete. Accordingly, you know that you will be held responsible for payments due us for reservations that you made or another person made while using your details for entering your account, from the moment payment is demanded.

Only a person with a valid credit card is entitled to purchase products and services through this website. In addition, a precondition for authorization of any transaction is approval by the credit company for the said transaction. We reserve the right to prevent any person to surf this website and receive the services we offer, at our own discretion, at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to breach of this agreement and the regulations of this website. 


Conditions and Stipulations of this Website

This site is owned and operated by EL AL.

​Protection of Data 
Any personal information that you provide when using this website will be used in accordance with our privacy policy​.

We reserve the right to update the information, the services, the products and other material that appear on this website, at any time and with no prior notification. Likewise, we are entitled to change this agreement from time to time, and the aforesaid change will go into effect immediately when the stipulations and conditions are published on this website. Therefore, your continued surfing on this website or continued use of it attest to your acceptance of the updated stipulations and conditions. 

All-Inclusive Agreement
This agreement and all the other legal notices, stipulations and conditions of use, policies and instructions on this site or others connected to this agreement constitute an all-inclusive agreement between us, with regard to the use of this website. This agreement prevails over all understandings or agreements (verbal or written), suits, representations and understandings between the sides regarding the subject of the agreement. 

Destination Guides and Tourist Recommendations

The Website contains Destination Guides. The information included in these Guides is only a recommendation and EL AL is not responsible for the content thereof, including the validity of benefits, events, etc. and/or for the quality thereof. 

Links to Other Websites
This website may include links to other internet sites. We are not responsible for information, material, products or services that are included or accessed through these websites. Your surfing and use of these sites is solely at your responsibility.

EL AL Application 

To the extent you use EL AL App and elect to register through the App by entering information or scanning your passport, you shall be responsible to ensure that the information recorded is consistent with that recorded in the valid passport. 

Connecting Flights 
If you have connecting flights, please contact the operating airline for updated information on your connecting flight. 

Boarding Time
The boarding time, as updated in EL AL App, under "Flight Information", is only an estimated time and may vary. Final boarding time will be available on the website and/or at the airport. 

Absence of Responsibility and Restriction of Liability 

You bear sole responsibility for your access of the program and other material and your use of them on this website or through it. We do not bear any responsibility for the reliability, stability or lack of viruses of the fore-stated program.

We support only advanced browsers and do not support old browsers that can disrupt the appearance of the site. When surfing the website, surf with an advanced browser, no more than two years old, to enjoy an optimal experience, and the appropriate optimal display during the purchase process. 

If you chose to continue and purchase through an old browser, we recommend paying attention to the classes chosen during the reservation process and to the final price that you receive.  

Moreover, certain browsers may offer you the option of saving your credit card information. Please be aware that such information is not stored in EL AL databases, and your consent to save such information is at your sole risk. 

Absence of Responsibility
For the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we reject all responsibility pertaining to information, software, products and services included on this website. All aforesaid information is published “as-is,” with no responsibility whatsoever. We hereby exempt ourselves from responsibility and commitment regarding this information, and with regard to software, products and services included on the site, including implied commitments and sales commitments, such as suitability to the commercial or general aims, suitability to a specific aim, propriety or inviolacy.

Limitation of Liability
EL AL will bear no responsibility for direct damage, or special, indirect, random, consequential damage (including, among others, loss of profit or revenue), penalties, such as damages of any kind, including but not limited to damages subject to legal remedies according to the laws of equity or injunctions (whether based on breach of contract, tort of negligence, negligence, remissness, absolute or other responsibility) that stem from:

(i) access to the site or its use, or delay or inability to use the website or any information that is included on the site or:

(ii) availability or usefulness of products and services unless the damages originate solely from negligence on our part exclusively and are related only to the consequences actually caused by use and only to the maximal value of the services actually purchased by you. 

Nothing in these aforesaid restrictions of liability negates commitments that may not be restricted by applicable law. 

Every air transport by means of a ticket obtained through use of this website will be subject to the transport conditions of the relevant carrier and can be subject also to the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention and to any other relevant law that may limit the carrier’s liability under specific circumstances. You should study these transport conditions as specified below.

Proprietary Rights
All trademarks, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual proprietary rights for the materials on this website (as well as the organization and distribution of this site) together with the basic program code are directly our property or the property of our suppliers. You are not permitted to copy, change, correct, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer any material from this website and/or the basic program code whether in full or in part without our express written consent in advance. However, the content of this site may be downloaded, printed or copied for personal use that is not for commercial use.

Acceptable Use
You are entitled to use this website solely in accordance with the instructions and stipulations of this agreement, and in any case, for legal and appropriate purposes which comply with all the laws, regulations and customs accepted in the State of Israel and in all other areas of jurisdiction from which you surf this website.

Specifically, you hereby undertake not to deface, alter or interfere with the front end “look and feel” of this website or of the basic software code; not to undertake any action that places unreasonable or disproportionately large loads on the website or on related infrastructure; not to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access via any means, to any of our networks or to any network within them.

Without detracting from any of our other rights (whether by legal authority or other rights) we reserve the right to: cancel your reservation without contacting you; and/or deny your access to this site if we believe (at our absolute discretion) that you breached any of these conditions and stipulations.

Transport Rights
The transport of passengers and their baggage through air transport will be subject solely to the airline’s relevant conditions

For EL AL’s general conditions of carriage