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View Deal Conditions
Published at: 10/04/2018
  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ticket Type: Business Class Round Trip ticket.
  2. Reservations and ticketing in J class for Business.
  3. New York (JFK/Newark): Valid June 24, 2019​​​​ – August 11, 2019.​ Departures from New York (JFK/Newark) valid Sunday-Thursday. Return from Israel Monday-Friday on select flights.
    Boston: Valid May 5 – September 24, 2019.  21 day advance purchase. Travel to Israel on Tuesday and Sunday only. Return from Israel on Tuesday and Thursday only.
    Miami: Valid July 7 – August 11, 2019. 14 day advance purchase​.
    Los Angeles: ​Valid August 12 – September 25, 2019. 21 day advance purchase.​
    Valid July 7-August 11, 2019. departures to and from Israel valid Monday / Tuesday / ​Wednesday.
    21 day advance purchase.​​
    San Francisco: Valid until​ September 24, 2019. 50 day advance purchase.
    Las Vegas: Valid until​ September 24, 2019. 50 day advance purchase​.
    Orlando: Valid July 9 – August 13, 2019. 21 day advance purchase.
  4. Minimum stay – Sunday at destination; Maximum stay - 3 months from New York (JFK/Newark), Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas.
    Minimum stay - Sunday at destination; Maximum stay - 12 months from Boston.
    Minimum stay - Sunday at destination; Maximum stay - Must return by August 20, 2019 from Orlando.​​.
  5. Reservations can be made through any travel agency or through EL AL at: 800 223 6700. 
  6. Ticketing requirements: Reservations required for all sectors.
  7. If you wish to change your travel date once you are ticketed there is a $190 fee.
  8. No Show Penalty $270
  9. Cancellation: Cancellation penalty before departure $270. After departure no refund.
  10. It is not possible to purchase a one-way ticket. 
  11. Valid on EL AL flights only.
  12. The amount of seats available for this promotion is limited.
  13. Infant (under 2 years old) Charge20% of the adult fare. Children (2-11years old) charge 100%of the adult fare.
  14. Subject to ticket conditions.
  15. The fare include $98.84 applicable taxes per ticket ( These include the USA civil aviation security service/Sep 11 fee of $5.60 per one-way trip originating at a USA airport).
    Carrier imposed surcharges included in fares.
    $95 additional charge for 3rd piece of luggage in Business class up to 3 hours prior to the departure. $110 within 3 hours for the departure.
  16. EL AL reserves the right to cancel this promotion.

Orlando - must return by August 20, 2019​​