Flying with Children


Flying with Children


Traveling with kids? Don’t forget that EL AL offers children’s discounts. In addition, it’s worth checking the EL AL website, the EL AL Telephone Service Center or travel agents to learn about the airline’s family deals. Here are some tips for passengers flying with kids.

Getting Ready for the Flight and the Airport

Reserve your flight tickets and choose your seats on the flight as early as possible. For example, if two adults are traveling with two children, it’s a good idea to book four seats in the middle rows of the 747 Jumbo aircraft, so you can all sit together.

It also pays to use EL AL's Express Check-In service. You can check in online on the EL AL website for free.
That way you can print out your boarding card on your home printer, and shorten your waiting time at the airport. It’s child’s play to check in online. And if you do have a problem, your kids can probably help you.

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It is usually cool in the plane after take-off and you should wear comfortable clothing. It’s a good idea to bring extra clothes for children, in case the need arises, as well as outerwear for everyone. Children should wear comfortable shoes that can be removed easily to make sitting more comfortable.

In any case, EL AL's inflight crew is at your service for all your needs and questions.  For the convenience of passengers flying with babies - special diapering stands are available in the bathrooms.


Meals and Snacks

EL AL serves children’s meals that kids love. Remember to order these meals through your travel agent or directly from EL AL.
In addition, it is advisable to have with you snacks, cookies, sweet breakfast cereals and the like.

It is also important to bring candy and chewing gum to offer the children before take-off and landing.

Chewing and swallowing help release pressure in ears. Drinks, which are distributed freely on EL AL flights in all Classes during meals and between meals, also relieve the pressure in ears.

Accessories for babies and young children

When flying with two- or three-year-olds, don’t forget to bring a large supply of disposable diapers, bags for used diapers, pacifiers, bottles, ointments, etc. Likewise, bring suitable baby food. You should have a sufficient supply of cereal and milk for babies as well as jars of fruit and vegetables or any other food that your children require.

Medicine, tissues, wet wipes

Bring with you emergency medications: pain relievers, such as Paracetamol, sucking tablets for sore throat, ear drops, Band-Aids and iodine. Tissues and wet wipes are very useful during the flight.

​In-Flight Entertainment

Games, books and workbooks  

Games, books and workbooks

Children flying EL AL during the main holidays and summer vacation receive a colorful activity booklet that is distributed during the flight.

In addition, it is recommended to provide every child with a small case of his/her own including games, books, activity books, etc. What should you bring? Take along your small children’s favorite books and new, exciting books for the older kids. Bring games suitable for travel that don’t take up much room and do not have small parts that can fall and get lost. For example: a deck of cards, Four-Across, electronic games such as Tetris and Game Boy, booklets with crossword puzzles and riddles, coloring books, mazes, word games, etc. It is also advisable to bring writing and drawing utensils: colored pens, pens, pencils, Scotch tape, colorful stickers and paper. Do not bring scissors to the flight as they will be taken from you at the security check at the airport.

For younger children bring dolls and small cuddly teddy bears. For older children and youth, it is advisable to bring portable MPs or PSPs, DVDs, iPads or iPods for listening to music and watching films.

inflight entertainment  

And what about inflight entertainment?

On aircraft with personal screens (Boeing 777 and 747), there is a regular children’s channel that screens children’s movies, series, fairy tales and more. Some of the planes have VOD. Without a doubt the flight will be lots of fun.