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Passport and Visa Information:


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  • Passport Validity: {passportValidity}
  • Visa: {visa}
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  • The information is accurate as of 1.8​​​​​.2018​​ It is recommended to check the website of  the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or contact the EL AL Customer Service Center to be sure you have the most up-to-date information.
  • The information is relevant only for ​passengers holding Israeli ​passports.
    If you hold a passport of another country, please contact the EL AL Customer Service Center (+972-3-9771111) to receive the relevant information.​
  • Please note that some countries require presentation of a ticket of departure as a condition for entering their countries. Please contact the relevant embassies to clarify entry restrictions to the country.
  • Flying to/from South Africa: South Africa Immigration Requirements