Check-in Times


​​​​​Recommended Check-in Times 


To go through the check-in process, please follow the below instructions:

Opening of check-in counters:

For flights to the Far East (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai), South Africa: counters will open 3.5 hours before take-off.

Guidelines for check-in from home for flights from Beijing/Hong Kong to Tel Aviv:

Subject to Beijing and Hong Kong Airports security guidelines, any passenger checking-in online must present a printed boarding pass.

Please make sure to print the boarding pass in advance.

For other stations (including Ben Gurion Airport), counters will open 3.5 hours before take-off. Counter opening time may vary due to operational reasons.

Counter closing time:

Counters will close one hour before take-off.​

Exit gate closing time:

Exit gate will close 15 minutes before take-off.


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