Priority Boarding


We are pleased to now expand provide Priority Boarding service to all our customers, offering and enjoy additional benefits.

New! The service is available to all EL AL passengers at an additional charge, now offered at a special launch price.​

Priority Boarding - Benefits:

  • Enjoy a priority boarding process.
  • Be among the first passengers to board the aircraft and get to your seat quickly.
  • Secure space for your hand ​bagg​age in the cabin​ close to your seat.

​​Priority Boarding
Service availability
ON all EL AL operated flights departing from/to Israel​.
Who is entitled to this service?​

​At no additional cost*:​

  • Passengers holding a ​​Flex ticket .
  • Gold, Platinum and Top Platinum tiers ,First, Business and Premium class passengers.

- ​Passengers who purchased this service.

The service process**​
  • ​Passengers entitled to this service can board the aircraft during the first 5-7 minutes of boarding and secure space for their hand baggage.
  • ​Passengers entitled to this service who wish to board the aircraft after Priority Boarding is complete will be offered a designated que, with no guarantee of hand baggage space in the cabin.
Price*** ​$6 per passenger per flight direction​.
Where can the service be purchased?​
  • The EL AL Call Center at *2250 / 972-3-9771111.​
  • Travel agents.
  • Airport check-in counters​.
Confirmation of service eligibility ZONE B will be shown on your boarding pass​.
​How long in advance can I book the service? From the purchase time of the ticket until the check-in process is completed at the airport.
Methods of Payment​Credit card only​.
* Per passenger only. Passengers must be individually eligible for this service.​
** When boarding the aircraft from a shuttle bus, priority boarding will be on the first shuttle bus.
*** The specified price of this service is for the launch period only, between 3.2.2019-31.3.2019, minimum inventory for launch period: 1,000.
- Subject to applicable law, including the Consumer Protection Law. In the vent the service is cancelled after it was purchased, no refund will be granted, and the passenger will be required to pay the full service fee.
- The service cannot be purchased with Matmid Club points.
- Limited service availability, based on aircraft type.
- The service does not grant priority for ​the security check​​.​