Flight Ticket Cancellation


Flight Ticket Cancellation​

Dear Customer,

Please note that you may cancel your flight ticket booking if it was made through one of EL AL's direct selling channels:

• Call Center

• Company Website

• EL AL Offices in Israel 

To cancel the transaction and obtain a refund under the Israeli Consumer Protection Law - click here.

Flight ticket cancellation within 24 hours (or less) prior to departure can be made only via EL AL`s Call Center.

Flight ticket ​cancellation through the EL AL Website can be made only for a flight ticket that has not been utilized yet. In case the ticket was partially utilized (one-way), please contact the EL AL Call Center.

The cancellation applies to all flights and services included in your booking. If you do not wish to cancel all, please conta​ct the EL AL Call Center.

When sending a cancellation notice, please state your full name (as shown in your booking), the booking/flight number and contact details.

Contact information is provided below:  

• Call Center: 972(3)9771111 or 2250 * (available 24/7); flight cancellation within 24 hours (or less) prior to departure can      be made via the call center only.

• Send an email to cancelreq@elal.co.il

• Send a fax to 972(3)6179082

• The EL AL Website​

Inquiries received by email/fax/website will be handled during operating hours: Sundays-Thursdays between 08:00-16:30; any inquires received outside of operating hours will be handled on the following business day.

Cancellation of booking made by a travel agent should be handled by the travel agent only. 

Please note: transaction cancellation may result in cancellation fees; For some flight tickets, depending on ticket terms and conditions, cancellation fee may equal the full ticket price (excluding airport taxes).


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