Food and Beverages on EL AL destinations


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Food and Beverages 

Our guests are invited to enjoy a rich and varied menu, with palate-pleasing specialties created by EL AL's Chefs. Select ingredients are used to create delicious and diverse Israeli and International menus to enjoy throughout the duration of your flight​.​



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Glatt (Strictly Kosher) Meals

    Glatt kosher (LeMehadrin) meals served on flights from Tel Aviv, with a Badatz certificate of the Edah HaChareidit in Jerusalem. These meals are produced in one of our overseas kitchens under the supervision of local rabbis who certify the kashrut of the meals as specified on the wrapping of the meal. The glatt kosher meals served on flights from New York have Regal kashrut certification.

  • Mehadrin kosher meal (SKML)
  • Mehadrin kosher fish (KFML): when a meat meal is served
  • Mehadrin kosher children’s meal (KCML)
  • Mehadrin Regal kosher meal (RGML)
  • Mehadrin Regal kosher fish meal (RFML) when a meat meal is served​

Meal Reservation

+ Reserving Special Meals

To check whether your desired meal is available for your destination, contact the Telephone Service Center at *2250 or 03-9771111 extension 1 or contact your travel agent.

When reserving through the Telephone Service Center, please refer to the meal code using the English letters that appear in parentheses.

Please note: EL AL does not guarantee that the entire range of special meals will be available to all destinations and on all flights.

To ensure that the desired meal is supplied on your flight, it is recommended to order the meal as early as possible and no later than the times listed below:​​

  1. For flights departing from Tel Aviv  Monday - Friday - up to 12 hours before departure time

  2. For flights departing to Tel Aviv Monday - Friday - up to 24 hours before departure time

  3. For flights departing from all destinations on Saturday - up to 48 hours before departure time

  4. For flights departing from Tel Aviv on Sunday - up to 42 hours before departure time

  5. For flights departing to Tel Aviv on Sunday - up to 48 hours before departure time

  6. For flights departing to Tel Aviv Monday - Friday from Mumbai and Hong Kong for glatt kosher (LeMahedrin)meals and for glatt kosher fish meals - up to 36 hours before departure time

  7. To order glatt kosher (LeMahedrin) meals for flights departing from New York (JFK and Newark): Monday - Friday - up to 7 hours before departure time. For Saturday flights - up to 36 hours before departure time. For Sunday flights - up to 48 hours before departure time

  8. Ordering a glatt kosher SKML meal for flights departing from Toronto to Los Angeles:

  9. Sunday - Friday - up to 7 hours before departure time

  10. Saturday - up to 36 hours before departure time

+ Peanut Allergy

​ We know that some passengers suffer from sensitivity to peanuts and we make every effort to avoid peanuts and their derivatives in the meals served on our flights.
Therefore the catering suppliers for our flights have been instructed not to bring any peanuts or derivative products on to our planes.
Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that when the food is being prepared for our flights no incidental contact was made with peanuts and their products. In addition, we cannot prevent other passengers from bringing peanuts and their derivative products onto the flight and, despite the fact that the aircraft is cleaned between flights, residual peanut products and their derivatives that were brought onto the plane by passengers might remain on the plane or on the seats.

Therefore, we recommend that you check to be certain you are able to fly considering the limitations described above. If necessary, we suggest being equipped with a letter from your doctor regarding the allergy and the need to carry a syringe/injection aboard. You may be requested to present such a letter during check-in at the airport.

We recommend that passengers who are allergic to peanuts take cautionary preventative steps to reduce the danger of an allergic reaction during the flight. For example:

  1. ​Bring your own food
  2. Wear a bracelet with a medical warning
  3. Carry with you an Epi-pen or any other means of treating yourself in the event of anaphylactic shock

​We suggest that family members who are accompanying you know how to administer the medication if needed. If you are traveling alone, please be certain that you know how to self-administer the medication prescribed by your doctor.  We also advise passengers with peanut allergy to print out this page and consult with their physicians before booking a flight with EL AL.

EL AL's Customer Care Department is available for these passengers and their physicians at Tel. +972-3-9771111.

  • Please note, all meals provided on the plane are produced on production lines that might contain various allergens (soy, eggs, fish, nuts, almonds, gluten, sesame, celery, mustard, sulfates, milk - only on dairy meals). The special meals ​are low in recognized allergens.