In-Flight Entertainment


​​​In-Flight Entertainment


A rich in-flight entertainment experience awaits you on your next flight, ensuring that the time spent on board is pleasant and enjoyable. On tap are new films, entertainment programs and a choice of Israeli and international music channels. In addition, Atmosphere magazine offers extensive information and features about EL AL's destinations, culture and leisure in Israel and the world and lots more.

The entertainment system varies according to the aircraft type, so we suggest that you check out Atmosphere magazine to see what’s available on your flight.

A Personal Entertainment Experience
On EL AL's new 787 Dreamliner aircraft you'll enjoy a personal AVOD system with a touch screen, providing a high-quality viewing experience; On the ​777 aircraft​ you’ll enjoy rich and varied entertainment programs on personal screens.

Streaming on EL AL Flights
S​ome of 737 aircraft, state-of-the-art streaming technology enables you to watch a large selection of entertainment programs during the flight in maximum comfort on your own personal devices. Choose from a wide selection of films, series, music, children’s entertainment, games and more.

To use the system, before the flight download the app or the program to your computer.