Check-In online


​​​Save Precious Time at the Airport

Express Check-In  

EL AL invites you to check-in online.
Check-In online is a convenient and user-friendly service that saves you precious time at the airport.

Check-In online: Advantages

  • Enables online check-in anytime between 24 and 3 hours before departure
  • Allows you to choose or change your seat at an earlier stage
  • For flights departing from Israel on holidays or on Saturday evening, after the Sabbath, you can check in for your flight on the eve of the holiday or of the Sabbath
  • There is no charge for the service
  • Shortens the waiting time in line at the airport
  • Flying with hand luggage only? You now save more time! For More Info
  • EL AL cares about the planet! We are happy to announce that for flights leaving Israel (only), there is no need to print the flight ticket! For a security check and flight check-in, just bring your passport

** Check-In service is only for checking in for your flight, security checks are required