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​​​​​​​​​​Sports Baggage


For some of our passengers, sports equipment is an integral part of their personal baggage. This page includes everything you want to know about handling, packing, and the cost of transporting this baggage (including bicycles).

  • Sports equipment - weighing up to 32 kilos (33 to 110 pounds) and measuring 277 cm (110 inches)
  • Sports equipment exceeding these dimensions will be handled by the Cargo Division (Tel. +972-03-9771177)

It is important to know that it is possible to transport sports equipment, at no additional cost, as long as the equipment does not exceed your baggage allowance, which is determined by the cabin class you are flying in. We know that when you fly to a sports vacation, it is important for you to have your personal sports equipment with you. Therefore we allow you to bring your skiing equipment or a snowboard (one set per passenger, packed into one case - in addition to your general baggage allowance). this does not apply for LITE fare​.​

  • The following information is valid for EL AL flights only and not for code share flights, other airlines or continuation flights
  • ​The prices that are displayed are for one direction only
  • The prices are displayed in US dollars. At some airports payment is allowed only in local currency, according to the conversion rate on the date of payment
  • Payment for sports equipment is made at the airport and cannot be made in advance
  • If the passenger wishes to replace the allowed piece with 1 set of the sporting equipment and meets the maximum weight of 30 Kg. (for Economy/ Premium) / regular size (30Kg Economy, Premium/Business/First class  32Kg) and 190 Cm. – no charge applies.   
    (this does not apply for LITE fare​).​
  • For those flying to or from India: A government service tax of 5% will be collected for air travel in economy class, domestic and international flights from Mumbai to Tel Aviv and 12% for air travel in a premium class other Than Economy cabin (i.e. Premium, Business, First) domestic and international. ​
  • Please note that in accordance with transport conditions, EL AL does not bear responsibility for fragile or valuable objects.
    If your sports equipment is breakable and/or valuable, it is recommended ​to take designated insurance coverage.

Transporting Sports Equipment for Free

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can be considered part of a passenger’s baggage allowance, as long as the inclusive weight of the passenger’s baggage does not exceed the dimensions allowed or detailed here:

  • Economy class/Premium Class: one sport equipment weighing 30 kilos (66 pounds).
  • Business Class/First Class: one sport equipment weighing 32 kilos (70 pounds).

Sports equipment that is packed within baggage as detailed above, causing the case to exceed the permitted weight and/or dimensions will be charged as excess or exceptional baggage.

Snow Ski Equipment and Snowboard

In addition to the baggage allowance, every passenger may transport a ski set (pair of skis, pair of poles and pair of ski boots) or a snowboard set (one board, a pair of ski boots) free of additional charge ​regardless of size or weight.*
*Skis, Snowboards may be carried free of charge on top of the allowed allowance.​ (this does not apply for LITE fare).​​

Transporting Sports Equipment for Payment

Transporting sports equipment in addition to the baggage allowance entails payment for its transport (as listed in the following table).

Costs of Transporting Sports Equipment on EL AL Flights

Sports Equipment
Short flights (up to 5.5 hours)
Long flights (over 5.5 hours) $150
  • Sports equipment - weighing up to 32 kilos (110 pounds) and measuring 277 cm (110 inches)
  • Sports equipment exceeding these dimensions will be handled by the Cargo Division (Tel. +972-03-9771177)

Transporting bicycles

Bicycle transport will be in accordance with EL AL rules and charges will be according to the size and weight of the bicycles after they have been dismantled and packed, as specified in the attached table. If you wish to bring your own bicycles, please follow the following directions:

  • Remove  pedals
  • Dismantle handlebars
  • Let out part of the air in the wheels and separate one of them from the body of the bicycle
  • Pack the bicycle in a box or special case, to protect it from damage and to prevent the leakage of hydraulic fluid

Costs of Transporting Bicycles

Weight and SizeShort flights
(up to 5.5 hours)
Long flights
(over 5.5 hours)
Weighing up to 32​ kilos (33 pounds) and 277 cm (110 inches)
  • Transporting bicycles (sport, regular, non-motorized) entails a payment, unless they are packed within the allowed baggage and do not exceed the weight and/or dimensions of the permitted baggage
  • Transporting bicycles requires approval from EL AL and is on a space available basis