EL AL Baggage Policy


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baggage Policy on EL AL Flights


We at EL AL make every effort to offer you perfect flying conditions and to ensure your safety and comfort. In order to do this, we ask that you adhere to the baggage allowances on EL AL flights, according to the class that appears on your reservation and/or flight ticket.

Packing your luggage according to EL AL conditions (weight and size) will help you to go through the security check and check-in process at the airport quickly and easily. Therefore specific dimensions and weight have been determined for every piece of baggage you send to the hold of the plane, according to the class that appears in your reservation and/or your flight ticket.  


  • EL AL reminds all passengers not to pack valuable items in baggage send to the hold of the plane. These items should be carried in the hand luggage
  • On Sun d'Or  Flights, baggage policy shall be in accordance with Sun d'Or's ticket and baggage terms and conditions. For full details >>​

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Three types of flight tickets will be offered in Economy Class to all of EL AL`s European destinations. 
Y​ou can purchase the flight package that best suits your needs and pay only for the components you choose.​

Baggage Allowance on EL AL Aircraft

* Premium ​Class is available on our​ Dreamliner aircraft only 
* Customers who purchased or received seating in First Class, Business Class or Premium Class will be entitled to a baggage allowance according​ to the ticket for the original cabin purchased or according to their entitlement due to their Matmid Club membership tier.
+ Comments on stored baggage
  • The permitted baggage allowance as specified below is valid when EL AL operates the significant segment of the itinerary; in other words it is the MSC - Most Significant Carrier
  • Premium Class is available on Dreamliner aircraft only ​ ​
  • Baggage allowance is determined by the class that appears on the reservation and/or flight ticket
  • The size of the baggage in the next clause refers to the sum of the length + width + depth
  • The maximum size permitted per suitcase (or any other piece of baggage) is 158 cm. The charge for exceeding the dimensions, 158 cm to 277 cm is $95-$11​0 to European destinations and $185-$200 to Far East, North America, Johannesburg Destinations.​​
  • In cases of excess size (up to 277 cm) or excess weight (up to 32 kilos) a fee of $170 will be charged for each unit of baggage
  • The maximum size permitted for an infant’s suitcase (length + width + depth) is 115 cm
  • Some countries of the world use the British measurement system of pounds for weight and inches for size. 1 kilo equals 2.20 pounds. 1 cm equals 0.4 inches
  • A piece of baggage weighing more than 32 kilos and/or exceeding 277 cm in size will be handled by EL AL's Cargo Division. Please call the EL AL Telephone Service Center at Tel. 03-9771111 or *2250
  • The maximum number of pieces of baggage permitted to a passenger is 5. A sixth unit or more must be handled in advance by EL AL's Cargo Division. Please call the EL AL Telephone Service Center at 03-9771111 or *2250
  • Infants' accessory equipment – As parents of an infant (ages 0-2), you are entitled to take with you a folding pram (stroller) as a full stroller/carry seat/safety seat for the infant. You can use the stroller until you reach the entrance of the plane at which time it will be stored in the hold. A safety/carry seat will be tagged during check-in and sent to the hold of the plane. In cases where the infant is not flying and the parents are taking a safety seat/carry seat/stroller – these items will be counted as part of the passenger's baggage allowance
  • If you are flying with a small child (over 2 years), the child's stroller or safety seat will be sent to the hold of the aircraft free of charge
  • Where a destination is mentioned – this refers to flights to and from that destination
  • Prices are per direction
  • Prices are in US dollars. In some airports, payment is taken only in the local currency according to the exchange rate on the day of payment
  • For those flying to or from India: A government service tax of 5% will be collected for air travel in economy class, domestic and international flights from Mumbai to Tel Aviv and ​12% for air travel in a premium class other Than Economy cabin (i.e. Premium​, Business, First) domestic and international. ​​
  • Payment for excess baggage can be made through EL AL's Telephone Service Center or at the airport
  • EL AL reserves the right to change the rates for excess baggage from time to time. The effective price is that which is in effect on the day of payment for the service
  • Any damage to your luggage should be reported at one of the Lost and Found counters immediately after landing
  • All the above information refers to EL AL flights on EL AL aircraft and does not include code share flights and flights on foreign airlines, including continuation flights ​​​