Hand Baggage Policy


​​​Hand Baggage Policy on EL AL Flights

Hand Luggage Policy  

EL AL makes every effort to offer you perfect flying conditions and to ensure that your flight is both safe and comfortable. You are entitled to carry hand baggage into the passenger cabin, at no extra charge, in addition to your baggage that is stored in the hold of the plane. This hand baggage must be stored in the designated bins above the seats or in the space below the seat in front of you.

Packing your hand baggage according to EL AL conditions (weight and size) will help you to go through the security check at the airport and the check-in process quickly and easily. Therefore specific dimensions and weight have been determined for every piece of hand baggage, according to the class that appears in your reservation and/or your flight ticket. In exceptional cases, when the storage space in the passenger cabin is limited, the hand baggage may be stored in the hold of the aircraft.

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Hand Baggage Allowance

  • First and Business Class passengers are allowed to bring aboard the flight a laptop case, which will be considered as one of the two bags entitled.
  • Business passengers are entiteld to 2 suitcases weighing a total of 20 kilos.
  • First class passengers are entiteld to 2 pieces of hand baggage weighing a total of 24 kilos, Hand baggage cannot exceed a weight of 16 kilos.
  • Please note! Flights to Prague, Budapest, Kiev, Berlin and Larnaca are operated by EL AL Israel Airlines’ UP brand and according to its ticket and baggage conditions  Full Details.​

+ Comments Regarding Hand Baggage Permitted in the Passenger Cabin
  • The size of one hand baggage unit allowed on EL AL flights is up to 56 cm (length) up to x 45 cm (width) up to x 25 cm (depth). In any case the maximum measurements of a piece of hand baggage may not exceed 115 cm. These measurements include wheels, handles, side pocket, etc.
  • Passengers wishing to bring on board hand baggage that exceeds the permitted measurements or weight (such as a cello), will have to purchase as separate seat for this item
  • EL AL does not undertake to transport baggage of excessive weight or dimensions without advance arrangements.
  • To coordinate and obtain authorization from EL AL, please contact the Telephone Service Center (*2250/03-9771111)
  • In exceptional cases, when storage space in the passenger cabin is limited, hand baggage may be stored in the hold of the aircraft