Baggage Policy on flights to/from Far East & South Africa


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baggage on flights to/from Far East & South Africa​ 

מדיניות הכבודה בטיסות אל על  

EL AL offers three types of flight tickets ​in Economy Class to ​​Far East & South Africa​ destinations. 

Y​ou can purchase the flight package that best suits your needs and pay only for the​ components you choose.


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Baggage Policy​ on flights to/from Far East & South Africa​
 ​​​​Type of Service  Lite
One Checked baggage (23 kg)​

Pre order*

2 checked bags
​​up to 23 Kg each
When booked at the airport
​​ ​
Second to fifth bag (up to 23 kg per unit)​

$ $ $
​At the airport
​$150 ​$150 ​$150 
Special baggage**​With an additional charge​With an additional charge​With an additional charge​

* Baggage services - on EL AL`s Website, at the Call Center (reservation at the Call Center - additional handling fee of $10) and with travel agents. Checked baggage​ fees may change from time to time, per destination and/or per flight, at EL AL's sole discretion​.​​​​ The determining rate is the rate on the day of payment for the service.​​​​​ Reservations must be made up to 3​ hours prior to the flight.​ 

-the prices are per person per direction.

Booking a flight ticket through EL AL Call Center is subject to a $20 handling fee (when booking a maximum of two flight tickets), and $50 when booking three flight tickets or more.​​​​​

​The baggage benefits are valid for EL AL flights only and not for codeshare​ flights, other airlines or continuation flights.​​ 

​** More details about special baggage:​ pets​, sports equipment, musical instruments​​  ​

​ ​