Beyond Destinations


​​​Baggage Regulations on Beyond Destinations

Beyond Destinations  

Please note that when several airlines are involved on a flight route, different baggage rules may be in effect in the course of your journey.

If you are flying with several airlines, please note that baggage regulations may vary during your journey.

It will be up to each carrier to determine the allowance they grant and the allowances can vary from one airline to another.

EL AL will maintain its current free baggage allowance.

For EL AL's free baggage allowance policy, please click here.

It should be noted that your ticket may reflect different baggage allowances throughout your journey, depending on the carrier operating the flight.

  • The free baggage allowance is evident on your ticket, and can also be viewed in the respective carrier's web site
  • Please note: If the baggage allowance does not appear on your ticket, please check with your travel agent or with the respective operating carrier
  • We would like to clarify that the baggage allowance that appears on your flight ticket is based on information provided by other carriers. EL AL bears no responsibility for the accuracy of this information
  • Tickets which have been issued prior to the 1st of April 2011 will be honored in accordance with the free baggage rules which existed at the time

For your attention
  • Some carriers (mostly American carriers) may impose handling fee per suitcase. Please surf the respective carrier's site for further information
  • Code share flights: In general, the operating carrier determines the free baggage allowance granted to the passenger, except for routes to/from the USA where it is the marketing carrier's free baggage allowance which applies
+ For Passengers flying through Moscow

When flying from Ben-Gurion airport to the destinations at the territory of the Russian Federation you can check in for your flight with EL AL and check your baggage through to your final destination provided that you do not have any goods subject to a written declaration in your baggage.

In all other cases, you should pick up your baggage at Domodedovo Airport and go through customs (regardless of whether your baggage is checked through to the final destination or just to Moscow). Then you should drop your baggage at the check-in counter.

Attention! Through baggage check-in does not exempt a passenger from liability for the presence of goods in the baggage that are subject to customs declaration, or banned for import/export in accordance with the legislation of the Customs Union and customs legislation of the Russian Federation, and are discovered during customs clearance at the transfer point. If you are unable to fulfill all the conditions and requirements for transit baggage, your baggage will be checked to the first transfer point.