EL AL Upgrade - Terms and Conditions


​​Regulations and Conditions for Use of EL AL Upgrade ​

  1. The following conditions will apply to the submission of offers for upgrading your flight ticket purchased for Economy Class to a Business Class ticket on an EL AL flight
  2. It is hereby clarified that the bid offered for the upgrade of the flight ticket represents an addition to the ticket price that the bidder has paid before submitting his/her bid
  3. The person submitting the offer must be legally of age
  4. This is to clarify that entitlement to an upgrade is individual and cannot be transferred to another party
  5. EL AL reserves the right to accept or reject any offer for an upgrade on specific flights in accordance with criteria determined by EL AL and updated from time to time at EL AL's sole discretion, such as: flight status, the amount of the offer, etc.
  6. EL AL will notify the passenger by email whether the offer was accepted or rejected, about 30 hours before the flight, or 48 hours before the flight in the case of an intervening Sabbath or holiday
  7. Offers are accepted up to 48 hours before the scheduled time of the flight’s departure
  8. The person making the offer may change or cancel the upgrade offer up to 72 hours before the scheduled time of the flight’s departure, via a link on the reservation confirmation received by email or via the "EL AL Upgrade" interface located on the home page of the EL AL website. Between 72 hours before the flight and the flight departure time, it is not possible to cancel or change the upgrade offer and any change of upgrade which has been confirmed approved by EL AL will entail a handling fee of the full amount that was offer for the upgrade
  9. This is to clarify that in the case of an upgrade cancelation by EL AL for whatever reason or constraint, the passenger’s status will revert to that on the original reservation and a full refund of money will be made by crediting the credit card that was debited for the amount of the upgrade bid. The passenger will be reseated in Economy Class according to the available seats at the time (it is hereby stated that there is no guarantee that the original seat will be held)
  10. This is to clarify that if the passenger cancels or changes the flight to another flight after the upgrade has been confirmed, that passenger will not be entitled to a refund for the upgrade and the upgrade entitlement cannot be transferred to a flight at another time or to another person
  11. This is to clarify that only if EL AL accepts a passenger’s offer for an upgrade will the passenger’s credit card be debited for the amount of the upgrade offer. The details of the confirmed upgrade will be updated on the passenger’s reservation PNR. EL AL does not guarantee a specific seat in Business Class. The seat will be determined after the upgrade has been confirmed on a space available basis in Business Class at the time
  12. If an upgrade to Business Class is approved, a special meal that was included in the original reservation cannot be transferred to the Business Class upgrade
  13. If the upgrade offer is accepted, ticket conditions will remain in accordance with the original ticket reservation, before the upgrade, including minimum and maximum stay conditions, cancelation and changes. Matmid Club points will also be credited in accordance with the original Class and not the upgraded Class
  14. If the upgrade offer is accepted the passenger will be entitled to Business Class benefits, including:
    • Check-in at Business Class counters
    • Hand luggage and baggage - details in the attached link
    • Lounge hospitality at the airport*
    • Flight seating and service in Business Class
      *At airports that have a Lounge


  15. EL AL reserves the right to change the above conditions at any time at its discretion. Notification of any significant change in the conditions will be sent by email to all passengers listed for this service at the time the change is made