Purchase a flight ticket using CASH&POINTS

​​Changes and Updates in the CASH&POINTS product will apply on tickets sold as of April 1st, 2019. To view changes>
Matmid Club members are entitled to exercise their rights according to the conditions applying to tickets sold until March 31, 2019, regardless of the actual flight date.​

Reduced fare flight tickets in exchange for points


Matmid Frequent Flyer Club members can Book an EL AL flight ticket online or through travel agents in Israel ​and pay with money and points. When making your reservation, you can decide how many points and how much money to pay for the tickets. 



​How to purchase your CASH&POINTS flight ticket through EL AL website?​​

  • Enter EL AL homepage

  • Choose the Frequent Flyer t​ab and click on "CASH&POINTS"

  • Identify yourself as Matmid Member
    Choose the desired flight and the number of points you wish to redeem
  • Our Calculator will do the computation
    And display the discount you will receive in exchange for the number of points you chose

B​​​​ased on the data of the flight that you chose, you may pay part of the price of your ticket with points.
Fill in the amount you would like to pay with points and click on the button to calculate or use the slider.

Please note:

  • purchasing flight ticket using CASH&POINTS to European destinations: You must have a minimum of 100 points in your Matmid account.
  • purchasing flight ticket using CASH&POINTS to North American, Far East destinations and Johannesburg: You must have a minimum of 200 points in your Matmid account.


Point Accrual:
+ Conditions and Method for Utilizing the Benefit:
    The benefit will be sold through EL AL website or through your travel agents in Israel​.
  • Flight ticket conditions ​appear as part of the purchase process on the website. We recommend that you carefully read the conditions for changing or canceling the ticket when making the purchase.
  • For changes and cancelations according to the rules and conditions of the purchased ticket, please contact the Telephone Service Center at Tel. 03-9771111
  • CASH&POINTS does not apply to group reservations of more ​than 9 passengers.
  • For reservations that include an infant, the reservation for the adult(s) can be made on the website, after which a reservation for the infant can be made through EL AL Telephone Service Center at Tel. *2250 or 03-9771111.
  • Conditional on a minimum of points, according to the destination and the fare selected. Minimum 100 points needed for Europe destinations and 200 points needed for Far East, North America and Johannesburg.
  • Destinations cannot be combined.
  • Valid only on EL AL flights. Not valid on UP , Sun D'Or or code share flights and the ticket cannot be transferred to another airline.
  • These tickets earn the member part of the points earned for a ticket that is paid in full according to the fare of the relevant class as listed in the table
    The accrued points are considered Basic Points.
  • EL AL reserves the right to determine the destinations and the seasons when the benefit will be offered. It is possible that the benefit will not be available on some dates and to some destinations.
  • Subject to Matmid Club regulations and to its rules as specified on the EL AL website.

Utilizing Points