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The FLY CARD PREMIUM credit card enables you to enjoy benefits and discounts from EL AL and on purchases and cultural events.​

  • Every purchase using​ FLY CARD PREMIUM is automatically accrued as Matmid points
  • The best conversion rate in Israel: 190 ILS = 1 Matmid point

Potential FLY CARD PREMIUM Users

FLY CARD PREMIUM is intended for:

  • Matmid Club premium members in Silver, Gold, Platinum and Top Platinum tiers
  • New cardholders or Matmid Club members (TL) who use their credit card for NIS 10,000 or more each month.
  • New customers who are not yet Matmid members or Matmid Frequent Flyer Club members in TL tier who commit to use the FLY CARD for a monthly average of 10,000 ILS in purchases (exclusive of transactions with government institutions as specified on the registration documents), which yields an average of 52 points per month from credit card purchases (over a 12-month period). 
A bank credit card intended for customers with credit card accounts in Israel. The card is issued by the Diners Club, Leumi Card and American Express credit card companies.     

American Express​​​​​​​​​Leumi Card*Diners Club
Card Fees
40 ILS monthly fee

Gift for new members: 50 Matmid Club points
39 ILS monthly fee
31.90 ILS monthly fee

Gift for new members:  
-50 Matmid Club points
-15% discount on one-time purchase at Mega branches(1)
How to Join
On the American Expr​ess website

Or fill out a membership form and a representative will contact you.

Or contact your personal banker
Fill out a membership form and a representative will contact you

O​r contract your personal banker
Fill out a membership form and a representative will contact you

Or contact your personal banker​
​​FLY CARD PREMIUM credit cards can be issued at the following banks
​​Bank Hapoalim, Otsar Ha-hayal, Massad bank, FIBI and Mizrachi Tefachot, Yahav, U-Bank​, Poalei Agudat Israel​Bank Leumi​​Discount, FIBI, Yahav, Mizrachi Tefahot, Mercantile, Poalei Agudat Israel, Otsar Ha-Hayal​,

How to Earn Points

On every purchase of 190 ILS using FLY CARD PREMIUM, you earn 1 point

  • Diners Club Premium – accrual of 1:380 for payments to the government, local authorities and insurance (accrual of up to 30,000 ILS per month for these payments)
  • Leumi Premium card holders – accrual of 1:570​ for payments to the government, local authorities and insurance (accrual of up to 400,000 ILS per month for these payments)
  • American Express – does not accrue points for payments to the government, local authorities and insurance

Point Accrual at Electra Consumer Chains, ACE and AUTODEPOT :

Retail Chain​Purchase AmountMatmid Point​s
Shekem Electric80 ILS1
Machsanei Hashmal​250 ILS1
Shivuk Yashir Direct Marketing
Air Conditioners
80 ILS1
​ACE50 ILS1​

​Information for FLY CARD PREMIUM Diners cardholders >> Information for FLY CARD PREMIUM AME​X cardholders >>
Information for FLY CARD PREMIUM Leumi cardholders >>          

Point Accrual at Mega and D​or Alon(1)
Diners FLY CARD PREMIUM credit card holders enjoy accelerated accrual at Mega and Dor Alon chain stores.
Information about accelerated accrual for Diners Club members >> 

(1) On September 2, 2019, the partnership of FLY CARD and FLY CARD PREMIUM card holders with YOU Club will come to an end, including accelerated accrua​l of Frequent Flyer Points for purchases made using FLY CARD cards at YOU Club chains (Mega, Mega in the City and Mega Online, Dor Alon, as well as the Alonit and AM:PM chains). Until September 1, 2019, you will continue to benefit from accelerated points accrual in the chains listed above.
In addition, as of this date, it will not be possible to issue vouchers with points accrued through the Frequent Flyer Club to redeem in these chains, but note that it will still be possible to use vouchers that were issued prior to this date - until its expiration date. ​You will continue to enjoy all benefits of your FLY CARD credit card, even after September 1st, 2019.​​

*​​On October 15, 2019, the co-branded agreement for FLY CARD PREMIUM cards by EL AL with Leumi Card will come to an end. As of this date, FLY CARD PREMIUM credit cards will not be issued in partnership with Leumi Card. Furthermore, it will no longer be possible to accrue Frequent Flyer points for purchases through the credit card, and EL AL will not grant any flight benefits attached to this card, as listed in the EL AL website.
You may continue to enjoy all the benefits granted to you through the FLY CARD PREMIUM credit card in partnership with Leumi Card until October 14, 2019.
Your membership in the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club will continue, and the points accrued in your account from the FLY CARD PREMIUM until October 14, 2019. will remain for your use in accordance with the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Regulations on the EL AL website.
We are pleased to inform you that EL AL has signed new co brand agreements with credit card companies regarding FLY CARD cards issuing. Updates regarding these new products and the launch date will be published during the year 2019.​
+ Additional information
  • Full and binding conditions in the membership documents
  • Subject to the Matmid Club regulations and to specifications in the program and clubs regulations
  • For transactions within governmental institutions, Diners Club holders will earn points at a conversion
    rate of NIS 380 = 1 Matmid point.
    Leumi Card holders  will earn points on payments to the state at a conversion
    rate of NIS 570 = 1 Matmid point. 
    American Express holders do not earn points on payments to the state​
  • A gift of 50 Matmid Club points will be awarded and transferred to the Matmid Club account when one point is earned on the credit card
  • The welcome gift for joining Mega and Dor Alon chains will be given at the branches or sent by postal mail after receipt of the credit card and is limited to a one-time purchase of up to NIS 700
  • The companies are entitled to change the benefits at any time, including the conversion rate
  • Terms for maintaining FLY CARD PREMIUM credit cards:
  • Top Platinum, Platinum, Gold and Silver Matmid Club members will enjoy FLY CARD PREMIUM benefits as long as they maintain their tier status, regardless of the number of points accrued from the club credit card
  • Matmid members and new members who meet the conditions (minimum average turnover of NIS 10,000 per month for the card) will enjoy the card benefits for a period of a year from the day of joining. At the end of a year, their accounts will be checked; if they met the conditions their entitlement to card benefits will be extended for another year. If they did not meet conditions, they will continue to enjoy the conversion rate of 1 Matmid Club point = NIS 190 but will not enjoy ancillary benefits
  • FLY CARD PREMIUM holders who do not meet the conditions at the end of a year from the date of joining, will have a six-month probationary period. At the end of this period, the customers' accounts for each of the preceding 12 months will be checked retroactively. If they meet the condition for an average monthly turnover of NIS 10,000 they will again be entitled to enjoy the benefits of the card for a year
  • Premium members whose status was lowered to Matmid tier (the basic tier) will not have to pass the probationary period in order to again receive the card benefits​​​