King David Club


Lounge Hospitality

מועדון המלך דוד 

Membership in the King David Club allows you to enjoy a multitude of extras and exclusive benefits, even before you board your flight.
Join the King David Club through the Telephone Service Center at Tel. *2250
Due to changes in operational procedures, as of June 19, 2017, Terminal 1 will provide full passenger service (security check-in, Border Control, Duty Free and Boarding) for​ Sun d'Or and all other airlines (with no transfer to Terminal 3). Therefore, King David Lounge hospitality will not be availble for UP and Sun d'Or passengers.​​

​​Changes and Updates in the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Program​:

*Following the introduction of new types of Economy Class flight tickets to EL AL destinations in Europe and the transfer of UP brand operations to EL AL, changes and updates will be introduced for Matmid Club members about lounges hospitality.

The changes and updates will apply to flight departures as​ of October 15, 2018. Sale of the new ticket types will begin April 30, 2018.
Also, Changes and updates in benefits and tier status in the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club program will apply to flights departing as of April 1st, 2019, regardless of the date the reservation was made. 

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 Matmid Club members are entitled to redeem their benefits according to current conditions until March 31, 2019.​​​

Further to the ​ transfer of UP brand operations to EL AL, Hospitality benefits in the King David Lounge for Matmid members who are entitled to them are only for flights departing from terminals in which there are King David Lounges​

Hosting Matmid members in the King David Lounge ​at Ben-Gurion Airport and at overseas lounges as of February 10, 2015

Tier Admission of Member Admission of Accompanying Passenger
Top PlatinumNo Payment
Up to 60 Accompanying Passengers Per Year
PlatinumNo Payment
Up to 40 Accompanying Passengers Per Year
GoldNo Payment
Up to 20 Accompanying Passengers Per Year
Silver King David Club
Annual Fee of $500
Up to 20 Accompanying Passengers Per Year
  • Hospitality in lounges at overseas airports is permitted only before EL AL flights.​ Matmid members with Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold with accompanying passengers will be welcome to stay in overseas lounges at airports in Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Prague and Larnaca, for payment.
  • Hospitality at the King David Lounge at Ben-Gurion Airport is offered only before EL AL flights​
  • At the King David Lounge at Ben-Gurion Airport, Top Platinum, Platinum members and accompanying passengers can also be hosted before flights of other airlines
  • Members may host a maximum number of accompanying passengers in the King David Lounge according to the pre-determined limit (see table above) and up to 5 accompanied​ in each entrance​. The number of entries will be counted as of February 10, 2015
  • Silver King David Club (SLKD) members can join the King David Club at a 50% discount during the first 3 months following expiration of their Gold membership
  • King David Club members are entitled to host accompanying passengers if they are accompanying the member on his/her flight
  • After reaching the maximum number of permitted annual entries, two accompanying passengers (on the same EL AL flight) may be hosted before their flight in the King David Lounges at Ben-Gurion Airport, New York or Paris, in exchange for 100 points per person


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