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What to do in Tel Aviv

Attractions in Tel Aviv  

Tel Aviv has so much to offer for tourists and locals alike. Charming neighborhoods, beaches, markets and newly developed areas are just some among many. This energetic city has beautiful nature and many urban areas to enjoy as well. Here are the must-see attractions that the city has to offer.

The Carmel Market and Yemenite Quarter
This dynamic market at the heart of Tel Aviv is located across the busy intersection of the bustling King George and Sheinkin streets, and in between the pedestrian section of Nachalat Binyamin Street and the Yemenite Quarter. The entire area of the market is colorful and thriving. The fruits and spices flavor the air during daytime hours while the crowds push through the noisy market stalls sipping freshly squeezed fruit juices. The market sells fresh produce, local foods, and other merchandise. The Yemenite Quarter, or Kerem Hateimanim, is full of traditional home style eateries dotting its old winding streets.

On the Tel Aviv Promenade, or Tayelet in Hebrew, any ordinary day can feel like a summer holiday. The combination of sea breeze, scenic backdrop, ample sunshine, fun energy, beach restaurants, and vibrant crowd is uplifting and positive on summer and winter days alike.

Neve Tzedek and HaTahana
This charming neighborhood is the oldest Jewish neighborhood of Tel Aviv. It has a village feel to it and its main street, Shabazi Street, is filled with cute boutiques, cafes, and wine bars. Next to Neve Tzedek, an area called HaTahana (the Train Station Complex) has been reconstructed and developed at the site of a former historical railway. In HaTahana you can find more boutiques, art galleries, food markets, restaurants, fairs, events and exhibits for children.

Old Jaffa and the Flea Market
The ancient port city of Jaffa, with its rich heritage, winding streets, limestone arches, and dome structures is a sight not to be missed. The sound of prayer chants sounding from the mosque form an intoxicating blend with the spicy smells and salty sea breeze. The Flea Market, or Shuk Hapishpashim in Hebrew, has grown into one of the coolest areas in the Tel Aviv- Jaffa area. There you can find carpets, old furniture, and a variety of vintage items being sold amid stylish restaurants, bars, and new shops all around the area.

Rothchild Boulevard and Habima Theater
The beautiful tree lined Rothschild Boulevard is one of the most iconic streets in Tel Aviv. It runs from Neve Tzedek to Habima Theatre, which is Israel’s national theater. On the boulevard you can find Bauhaus buildings, top restaurants, cafes, galleries and people enjoying leisurely afternoons on street benches.

Rabin square
This public city square next to the Tel Aviv municipality on the bustling Ibn Gabirol street is where Yithak Rabin’s memorial is located. The square was named after Rabin after his assassination that took place there in 1995. Numerous demonstrations and other public events are often held there.

Kiryat Hamelacha and Florentine
Kiryat Hamelacha is an industrial neighborhood in South Tel Aviv which is gritty and rough but is home to the city’s best renowned contemporary art galleries such as Rosenfeld and Raw Art galleries, and many others that represent top Israeli and international talents. The galleries as well as artist’s studios are hidden in buildings. This area is not tourist friendly and the galleries are hard to find as they are not storefronts but if you do your research you will see the most exciting art Israel has to offer. Not far from there is Florentine, which is a more gentrified hipster neighborhood with lots of bars and cafes.

Tel Aviv Port
The Tel Aviv port, or Namal Tel Aviv in Hebrew, has gone a major transformation since the days of its use by sea traders and merchants. It is now a stylish developed area filled with classy restaurants, shopping, nightlife, exclusive parties and performances. The port’s hangers are now being used as galleries, nightclubs and concert venues.

Useful Tips

  • Those who enjoy walking can also explore the city by foot. The Carmel Market is just a few minutes by foot from Neve Tzedek and the Promenade
  • If you chose to forego public transportation for a walk on the beautiful Promenade, the Jaffa Port is an hour by foot from the Tel Aviv Port. Go in the late afternoon to beat the heat and catch the breathtaking sunset over the Mediterranean Sea

Destination ID

  • Country Israel
  • Area Approximately 52 km2
  • Formation 1909
  • Population Approximately 415,000 residents
  • Language Hebrew
  • Currency ILS
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