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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Published at: 27/12/2018
  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​When contacting the EL AL Direct Sales Center, please indicate code 638.
  2. The presented ticket price is valid for one-way flights departing from Israel (Tel Aviv), including taxes and surcharges and excluding pre-assigned seating and sent baggage.
  3. Subject to the LITE ticket terms and conditions, as detailed on the EL AL website.
  4. The price is valid for U booking class, subject to the booking class availability and terms and conditions.
  5. Prices are valid for departures starting on April 1, 2019 on selected flights and dates, subject to the booking class availability and terms and conditions, and while stock lasts.
  6. The ticket price of $279 to Johannesburg is only valid on flights departing on Wednesday​/Friday; the price of $386 to Johannesburg requires an advanced ticket purchase (at least 40 days prior to departure).
  7. The ticket price of $305 to Mumbai is only valid on 073 departing flights.
  8. Fares include taxes and surcharges , they do not include pre-assigned seating nor luggage
  9. Subject to ELAL LITE regulations as specified in the web site.
  10. Fares – as long as the supply lasts.
  11. Fares for London, Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Munich are subject to advanced purchase of 45 days prior flight departure.  
  12. Fares include taxes and surcharges . Nevertheless, port taxes are subject to change by the relevant authorities. Likewise, fares may change due to fluctuations in the exchange rates. The fare at the time of ticketing will prevail.
  13. Subject to legal stipulations, changing nor canceling a flight ticket after it has been issued are not possible.
  14. Without detracting from the aforesaid, regarding a “remote sales transaction,” as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 – 1981 (henceforth: Consumer Protection Law), cancelation of the transaction is allowed within 14 days from the transaction date but not less than seven work days before the date of the departure flight (the first flight as specified on the flight ticket/reservation confirmation voucher). Regarding a transaction that is not a “remote sales transaction” as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, consumer protection regulations (cancelation of transaction), 5771-2010, will apply, according to which cancelation of the transaction will be allowed within 14 work days from the completion of the transaction, but not fewer than 14 work days before the departure of the flight (the first flight as specified on the flight ticket / reservation confirmation voucher). The above will not apply to accommodations, trips, vacation and recreation that take place wholly outside of Israel, including continuation flights for flights that departed from Israel and which are operated by another airline and to vacation packages outside of Israel, for which the passenger received cancelation conditions from the service provider before completing the transaction. The cancelation must be made in writing, by email or fax, directly to the party from whom the flight ticket was purchased.  If these conditions are met, a cancelation fee of 5% of the value of the total price of the ticket or NIS 100, the lesser of the two, will be charged. In all other cases, and subject to all laws, the person making the reservation will be charged according to EL AL’s cancelation policy, subject to ticket conditions. For this matter, not using transportation services that have been ordered, whether in whole or in part, for any reason, will also be considered cancelation of a reservation.
  15. Subject to all laws, no refund will be given on payment for a ticket that was not used, in full or in part. Any amount paid towards a canceled reservation will not constitute credit towards future EL AL flight reservations.
  16. Fares may change when destinations are combined.
  17. No double deals or discounts
  18. Valid on select dates, flights and times, subject to seat availability or as long as the supply lasts, the earlier of the two.
  19. Passengers reserving through the Direct Sales Center will be charged a handling fee of $15 per ticket.
  20. Regarding EL AL flights, EL AL's general transportation conditions as specified on the EL AL website will apply.  
  21. This is to clarify that the sale of tickets for transport on other air carriers is carried out by EL AL only as representative of those carriers. EL AL bears no responsibility of any kind or type relating to flights not operated by EL AL, and full responsibility for these flights, and all that they entail or that derive from them, is borne by the operating carrier.
  22. EL AL may discontinue or change the fare conditions at any time with no prior notification.
  23. EL AL may change the dates and prices subject to its sole discretion
  24. Errors and omissions excepted

Open the spring season by traveling to the Far East and South Africa at LITE prices, with an attractive flight ticket that enables you to pay less when flying with a hand baggage only​​.

  • The presented price is valid for one-way flights, excluding pre-assigned seating and sent baggage. 
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  • For departures starting 01.04.2019
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