EL AL Announces Tickets Now Available for Sale Tel Aviv-Miami-Tel Aviv Route


​​​​​​​​Inaugural Flight Departs November 1, 2017


From November 2017 to March 2018 – Fares from $999
Ticket Sales Commence Monday May 15, 2017.
Inaugural Flight Departs November 1, 2017.
Nonstop Flight Duration from Israel – 14 Hours.

Three weekly flights to Miami will be operated on 777-200 aircraft, offering 279 seats, including 6 First Class and 35 Business Class. 


With the support of the Ministry of Tourism, as of November 2017 EL AL will operate 3 weekly nonstop flights on Boeing 777-200 aircraft on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Miami International Airport. The flight will depart from Ben-Gurion Airport at 1am and will land in Miami approximately 14 hours later at 8:05am local time. The return flights from Miami on Monday and Wednesday will depart at 12 noon local time and arrive in Israel on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45am local time. A Saturday night flight to Tel Aviv will depart at 10:45pm local time and arrive in Israel on Sunday at 5:30pm.  

​EL AL President and CEO David Maimon: “Introducing nonstop flights to Miami is an important step towards further expansion of EL AL’s route network in North America. Miami is an important destination on many levels: first and foremost, for the large Jewish community in the city, which until now has had to fly with a connecting flight. Second, Miami is a very popular vacation destination in its own right, thanks to its wonderful weather and fantastic beaches and other attractions as well as the many cruises that sail from the area. Now, with the opening of the new route, we believe that the city will become an attractive resort destination for Israeli families as well. In addition, it is important to remember that this is a key business destination in which leading international companies operate.”

Maimon adds: “Another significant consideration for the opening of the new route, beyond the importance of the destination in its own right is that Miami is also a gateway to Latin America – especially to the Caribbean Islands and Central and South America. This new route will offer Israelis flying to the USA and Latin America and for those tourists and business people from the area, the only nonstop flights between Tel Aviv-Miami.”

​Ministry of Tourism Yariv Levin: “I applaud the opening of the new Miami-Tel Aviv route, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and with its support. The route is expected to significantly increase the number of tourists arriving to Israel from the USA and is one of the many efforts we are making to encourage tourism from Latin America to Israel. I am certain that the opening of the route will benefit the ongoing innovations we have been promoting in recent months in order to increase the number of tourists entering Israel.”