Upgrade to Upper Class


​Upgrade in Advance or at the Airport


Upgrade to a higher Class, for all EL AL passengers, in advance or at the airport, at a special price:
All passengers with flight tickets that allow upgrades to a higher Class can purchase an assured upgrade for money to Business or First Class.

Which tickets allow upgrades to a higher Class?
S, M and Y class tickets can be upgraded to Business Class. I and C class tickets can be upgraded to First Class.

Following is the cost of an assured upgrade in advance from Economy Class to Business Class or from Business Class to First Class:

Athens, Cairo, Prague
Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Kiev
Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin,
Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona,Madrid,
Geneva, Zurich, Vienna, Warsaw,
Moscow, Marseille,Paris, London,
Milan, Rome, St. Petersburg

To Business Class

To First Class
​$200 $350​
Johannesburg, Mumbai $500
​New York, Toronto
Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong
Los Angeles ​$750
  • The upgrade price is for one way
  • Purchasing an upgrade earns the benefits of the upgraded Class (luggage, Shalom Service Check-In, Lounge hospitality, etc.)
  • Double upgrades not allowed (from Economy Class to First Class)
  • The service is available only for EL AL flights and does not include code share flights
*  GOVT. Service TAX of 4.944% will apply on transactions for services on BOM-TLV paid for in India