Extra Seat


​Extra Comfort Seat

Extra Comfort Seat

"EL AL Extra Comfort Seat" - Upgrade your flight experience in Economy Class by purchasing an Extra Comfort seat.

Economy Class passengers have the opportunity to bid for an extra adjacent seat on their flight, and enjoy a more comfortable and spacious flight. The service is available to all passengers holding a valid ticket on any EL AL flight.


There are three ways to submit a bid for purchasing an additional seat

  • At the end of the booking process on the EL AL website, on the reservation confirmation page
  • From the EL AL Upgrade interface on the home page
  • Through the reservation management interface

If the service is available on your flight and your tickets meet the service’s commercial rules, a special window will appear with the text: “To upgrade the flight experience, click on Continue”

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Select the desired amount you want to bid for the Extra Comfort seat and the number of seats required per flight segment or for the full itinerary

Step 2: Enter your credit card details (which will only be debited if your offer is accepted)

Step 3: Confirm the summary of the bid details and submit

At the end of the process an email notification will be sent to you and will serve as confirmation that
your bid was submitted and registered for the Extra Comfort Seat bid.

All bids submitted by passengers will be checked by EL AL about 30 hours before the time of the flight (or 48 hours before the flight time before a Sabbath or holiday). Passengers will be notified by email whether their Extra Comfort Seat bid was confirmed or rejected.

* EL AL Upgrade service and Extra Comfort Seat service are available on specific flights subject to availability and commercial laws as determined by EL AL and at its own discretion.