Economy Class Plus


​The class that offers you more…
Between Economy Class and Business Class, an enhanced flight experience awaits you. More spacious, more comfortable, more relaxing. Economy Class Plus is available on 747-400 and 767 aircraft.
The service entails a fee.  

Ground services

Ground services  


Economy Class Plus passengers enjoy quick check-in at designated counters.
At Ben-Gurion Airport, counters 90-97 are designated for Economy Class Plus.


For information about baggage allowance for Economy Class Plus passengers Press here.

In-Flight Services

מרחב אישי גדול יותר  

More Personal Space

More Comfort! Our guests in Economy Class Plus enjoy a separate cabin, ergonomic seats with more legroom than in Economy Class (36”/91 cm), up to a 33% greater recline than Economy Class and a special footrest for greater comfort.

מזון ומשקאות


Food and Beverages

We’re pleased to offer you Economy Class Food and Beverage Service… and more. Economy Class Plus passengers will also receive individual bottles of water for a more refreshing flight, a comfort kit for that extra bit of pampering, and more.

מזון ומשקאות


In-Flight Entertainment

Our Economy Class Plus passengers enjoy a larger selection of entertainment programs, with a personal iPad offering varied programs to make your flight more enjoyable.

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Economy Class Plus - FAQ

What is Economy Class Plus?
Economy Class Plus is situated at the front of Economy Class, separated by a curtain, and offers improved seats, with greater legroom and a greater incline.Economy Class Plus passengers enjoy designated check-in counters and many other advantages for an enriched flight experience.

Who is entitled to reserve Economy Class Plus?
Reservations in Economy Class Plus are available to every passenger holding an EL AL ticket. the price of a seat in Economy Class Plus is added to the price of the Economy Class ticket purchased by the passenger.
Members of the EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club with Top Platinum, Platinum or Gold tier status and passengers holding Economy Class tickets with full flexibility (M, S, Y classes) have priority for these seats, subject to availability, at no extra cost. As a rule, premium Class passengers have priority for Economy Class Plus seats which are offered for sale after these customers have chosen their seats.One passenger accompanying a Top Platinum member (on the same flight) is entitled to be seated in an Economy Class Plus seat free of charge subject to seat availability. Silver and TL members receive priority when purchasing a Preferred Seat in Economy Class, but will be charged for seating.

Is registration for Economy Class Plus tickets available to passengers holding all types of tickets from all ticket classes?
Yes. Registration for Economy Class Plus is available to every passenger holding an EL AL ticket, from any ticket class and all types of ticket, including bonus tickets.  

When should the service be booked?
Economy Class Plus service can be reserved when booking an EL AL flight ticket and at any time until 24 hours before the flight departure time.

How to register for Economy Class Plus service:
Registration is through a registration page.
• Registration is for a waiting list for one of the seats in Economy Class Plus and does not guarantee a seat in the Class in general or in any specific seat.
• Registration is available up to 24 hours before the flight departure time, according to Israel time. Matmid Gold (GL), Platinum (PL) and Top Platinum (TP) members and one passenger accompanying a Top Platinum member are entitled to be seated in Economy Class Plus, subject to availability, when choosing a seat on the flight during the reservation process on the EL AL website or through a travel agent.

Where to go when arriving at the terminal?
The service is available in Israel and at the relevant destinations at the Economy Class Plus check-in counters.

When will I know if I received a Preferred Seat in Economy Class?
You will be contacted within 24 hours from the registration to Economy Class Plus, in order to confirm your seat allocation.
If no seat is available for sale on your flight, you will be sent an email within 48 hours and your request will be checked again closer to the date of your flight. If a seat becomes available, an EL AL representative will contact you.

What is the order of priority for receiving a Preferred Seat in Economy Class Plus?
Premium members of the Matmid Club – Platinum (+ one accompanying passenger), Platinum and Gold members – have top priority for these seats, at no charge. In addition, passengers purchasing Economy Class tickets in flexible classes (M, S, Y) will have priority and not be charged. Seating is according to the waiting list for which passengers signed up in advance on the EL AL website.
Priority on the waitlist is determined as follows:

1. Passenger accompanying a Top Platinum, Platinum or Gold passenger*
2. Silver (SL) Matmid members and King David Club members (KD)
3. TL Matmid members
4. Passengers who are not Matmid members

Within each category, the order is according to the date of reservation for a Economy Class Plus.

* Accompanying to platinum and gold members do not have to register for the site and can make a booking using the telephone service center.

Does seating in Economy Class Plus affect entitlement to an upgrade to Business Class?
Definitely not.The rules for upgrade to Business Class are not changed. Every passenger who is entitled to an upgrade will be upgraded. If he/she is not upgraded, the option for a seat in Economy Class Plus is still available.

How much does a seat in Economy Class Plus cost and when is it paid for?
$80 per flight segment to/from European destinations
$150 per flight segment to/from long range destinations

The price is per flight segment.

Payment will be made upon confirmation of seat.

Is it possible to purchase a seat in Economy Class Plus for Matmid points?
Every passenger may request to have his/her Matmid account charged if such points are available in the account.160 points per flight segment to/from European destinations 300 points per flight segment to/from long range destinations
* Matmid members may purchase a seat in Economy Class Plus for points if they have the required number of points in their accounts.
* Passengers accompanying Top Platinum, Platinum or Gold members may purchase a seat for points if they are traveling with the Club member on the same flight.

On which fleets is Economy Class Plus available?
Economy Class Plus is being offered for sale on the 747-400 fleet and on the 767-300 fleet to New York, Toronto, Johannesburg, Far East destinations: China, India and Thailand and to a selection of European destinations.
In the event of a change in aircraft or unavailability of the Class, the amount that was paid will be refunded.

Is it still possible to check in for the flight on the EL AL website?
Yes, certainly. The two services do not conflict.

What must be done if the reservation (flight, date) is changed?
It is necessary to re-register for a seat in Economy Class Plus.

What is a Preferred Seat in Economy Class?
A Preferred Seat in Economy Class is a seat in the first row and/or adjacent to the emergency exit, in all areas of the plane.A Preferred Seat in Economy Class has more legroom than the other Economy Class seats, providing maximum comfort during the flight. For your convenience, check the table indicating the Preferred Seats in each fleet.On the registration form for Economy Class Plus, you will also be offered Preferred Seat products, if available on your flight.
For details about the Preferred Seating service

What is Premium Class seating service?
Business and/or First Class seating service is a service that enables seating in Business/First Class seats in cases in which the Class is not offered for sale in its usual format**.The service provided during the flight is the same as that in Economy Class*.The service is offered for a fee, near flight time, during check-in at the airport, subject to availability
*The service is available on select flights
**Seating in Business/First Class with Economy Class service and at times seating in First Class with Business Class service
The Economy Class Plus registration form will also offer preferred seating products if available on the flight.
For details about Premium Class seating service

How to register for a seat in a premium Class:
Registration is through a registration form on which, subject to seat availability on the flight, it is possible to choose in which service or Class you are interested.

Please fill in the details of your flight: reservation number and flight number

You must sign a declaration of health for the Preferred Seat Service. Seats in Economy Class Plus that are not adjacent to the emergency exits are offered to all passengers with no restrictions regarding language, age or health status.

If Economy Class Plus, Preferred Seat Service, Preferred Seat in Business and First Class are available* on your flight, you can mark on this form the number of seats you wish to reserve. Then complete the remaining required fields and click the send button. Subject to availability, you will receive confirmation for the most premium seat available: seating in First Class service; seating in Business Class service, seating in Economy Class Plus service and Preferred Seat in Economy Class.

* The service is available on select flights.
Economy Class Plus - FAQ