Children's World




Family vacations are so much fun! Worrying about how your kids will pass the time during the flight? No fear! Every summer we invite a favorite children’s character to be a guest on select flights, already known as ELALCHIK Flights.

In recent years we hosted some of the most beloved children's characters: Looney Tunes's Tweety and Bugs Bunny; world traveler Felix the Rabbit; Kofico, the funniest monkey; Little Michal.  Just what our children love!
ELALCHIK flights are a special experience for children and families.

Our clown welcomes your children at the entrance to the plane and invites them to join him for an unforgettable experience. At the start of every flight the ELALCHIK clown approaches every child with a present: an activity booklet for the flight. During the flight he keeps the kids busy with a variety of games and activities (and all this without disturbing the other passengers, of course).

Only on ELALCHIK flights your children can become Dayalchiks (child flight attendants) and help the crew during the flight. A few children who fulfill ELALCHIK’s tasks will be invited to visit the cockpit, meet the captain and learn about how
to pilot a plane. They also receive a souvenir of their visit from the captain. During the flight, the children can watch specially selected programs on the entertainment channel.

ELALCHIK flights not only make the flight easier, they are a special experience that all kids want to enjoy with their family en route to a vacation!

Meals that Children Love


To the delight of our young passengers, we offer amazing children’s meals - the kind that kids love!

When meat meals are served to children, lunch includes: mini-schnitzel and potatoes, potato chips (crisps), hummus, vegetables and olives and for dessert… chocolate cake. When dairy meals are served, the meal feature Belgian waffles, a yoghurt drink, a personal white spreading cheese, chocolate spread and more surprises to please the youngsters' palates.  

The special meals for children should be ordered in advance when reserving your flight through your travel agent. The order does not entail payment. The children’s meals can be ordered for any service class on the plane. And of course the children’s meals can also be ordered glatt kosher.

Other recommendations for air travelers with children