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Express Check-In - Frequently Asked Questions

Express Check-In - Answers

  • Who can use Express Check-In?Express Check-In is available to all passengers holding an electronic ticket. Passengers can be identified by the flight ticket number (the 13 digits on the e-ticket).

  • What should I prepare in advance for checking in online?You should have your passport and flight ticket number at hand or your Matmid number and password.

  • When is Express Check-In available?
    Express Check-In is available to/from Israel between 24 and 3 hours before flight departure time.
    * Check-in for flights after Sabbath or holidays can be completed before the start of the Sabbath or holiday.

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  • Which EL AL destinations offer Express Check-In service?
    List of destinations:

    Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay (Mumbai), Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kiev, London (Luton/Heathrow), Los Angeles, Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Newark, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia,Venice, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, Larnaca.

  • What is unique to the Express Check-In service in London?
    Lounge guests at London Heathrow traveling with hand luggage only can go straight to the lounge and enjoy maximal comfort. For your convenience, the security check will be conducted in the lounge.

  • I’m flying with an infant, can I use Express Check-In?
    Yes. Passengers flying with an infant can use Express Check-In, but they should pay attention to the following:
    As the infant does not need a seat, the infant’s name will appear on the reservation of the adult he is flying with. Therefore, make sure that the infant’s name appears in the check-in process.
    Please note that passengers flying with infants and entitled to a crib should order the crib and the appropriate seats before checking in online.
    It is not possible to order a crib during the check-in process.