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​Donating Points to Associations


EL AL enables you to donate your accumulated Matmid points to associations that assist sick children and soldiers. By donating to these associations, you can use your points for good purposes. We are certain that your donation will greatly help those in need

Contributions of points can be made to the following associations:

Make–A-Wish Foundation:
The Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfills the wishes of sick children with life-endangering illnesses. By fulfilling a wish, the Make-A-Wish Foundation strives to provide these children and their families with the gift of pleasurable experiences and laughter during this difficult time in their lives and to imbue them with the ability to cope with difficult treatments.

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Ezra Lemarpeh:
Ezra Lemarpeh, headed by Israel Prize winner Rabbi Elimelech Firrer answers every call with care and attention.
Each year, some 150,000 callers are helped by the various services of Ezra Lemarpeh. Help is given to every caller from all sectors of the Israeli population, free of charge.
Flying patients for treatments around the world and airlifting children with cancer to summer camps worldwide are only part of the special deeds performed by Ezra Lemarpeh for the benefit of those who apply to the organization.
Dear Club members! Your bonus points can save lives and can put a smile of joy on the agonized faces of sick children.
Please help us continue by donating your points for flying more and more patients for life-saving procedures and many more cancer-stricken children to wonderful vacations whose sweet taste will remain with them for many years.

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Hayim Layeled
Nothing so essential is as taken for granted as the air we breathe. Unfortunately, for children with CF (cystic fibrosis), breathing is both difficult and restricted. No one will ever forget the words of a CF child who upon regaining consciousness after a lung-transplant operation said with wonder, "I never knew air tasted so sweet!"
Every summer Hayim Layeled sponsors a three-week long medical camp in Switzerland for children from Israel and their families. The flight, including the large load of cargo needed, is of course provided by EL AL with special sensitivity and with wonderful service.

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ZAKA, Israel’s Rescue and Recovery organization, a UN - recognized international humanitarian NGO (non-governmental organization), has proved its operational capabilities by sending out delegations from Israel to various disaster areas and sites of terror attacks around the world.
ZAKA is the long arm of Israel, with intervention and assistance capabilities beyond the formal resources of the ambassador or consul in countries, and the advantage of its status as an international organization.

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The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers (AWIS)
Friends of the IDF is the leading organization in Israel working for the wellbeing of Israel Defense Force soldiers and for the individual soldier.
The association, both volunteers and employees, work year-round to support, assist and fulfill the needs of soldiers – whatever they may be – through many projects, such as:
active vacations, fun days, constructing activity centers, synagogues and clubs, education and assistance, scholarships for soldiers, aid to lone soldiers (without families) and to families in distress.
In addition, the association finances approximately 700 flights a year for lone soldiers to visit their families overseas. Lone soldiers in fighting units are entitled to one fully paid flight ticket, including travel insurance and airport taxes. Other lone soldiers are entitled to reduced price tickets and payment of medical insurance. In special cases and at the request of the IDF, the association flies families of soldiers to Israel.
All of these are only a small part of the extensive and varied activities for IDF soldiers.

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Etgarim (Challenge) was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization by a group of disabled Israel Defense Force veterans and rehabilitation experts.
The principal aims of the organization are to enable children, youth and adults with special needs to realize their optimum potential, to enhance their abilities and to integrate within the society. Etgarim serves the entire special needs population in Israel- including all kinds of physical and sensual disabilities, autism, victims of trauma and terror and youth at risk, covering all ages and religions- Jewish, Muslim and Druze. More than 5000 children, 700 adults and over 300 volunteers currently participate in Etgarim programs throughout Israel.
Your generosity can support the rehabilitation of many more!

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"When a mother is seriously ill, it is so difficult, both financially and emotionally, besides the physical pain and weakness. Luckily, I was put in touch with Ezer Mizion, an organization that gives me the strength to keep going and to envision a tomorrow, the strength to yearn. The trip to London, right in the middle of my treatments, was an unforgettable experience. To this day, I feel a boost of energy every time I think of the marvelous moments, the adventure. The trip helped me shed my burdens. It nourished me and enabled a glimmer of happiness to enter into my sea of boundless pain".

Racheli Cohen from Holon, mother of four and stricken with cancer, participated in the five day trip to London coordinated by Ezer Mizion.
Ezer Mizion, Israel Prize recipient in 2008, has been active for many years now, easing the burden of the ill and handicapped in Israel. Among its diverse services, Ezer Mizion runs a broad spectrum of projects and special programs that support children with cancer and their families. Another unique project offers encouragement, support and assistance to young mothers suffering from cancer and to their family members.
The initiative for this important project stems from the recognition of the additional  stress these mothers experience in coping with their illness. At Ezer Mizion, we try to provide the ill mothers and their families with all necessary help, as well as occasional moments of joy and pleasure, all offered with the maximum attention, warmth and love.
Supporting young mothers with cancer is an opportunity for you to make a real impact on the lives of mothers with cancer and that of their husbands and children. The points you donate to Ezer Mizion will enable us to provide a dream vacation for them that will fill them with renewed energy to fight their illness – and prevail!

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​Space IL:
Some time ago, Google embarked on a dramatic, unique, somewhat pretentious and complex project, the Google Lunar X Prize – an international competition for landing an unmanned spaceship on the moon.
Space IL is the only Israeli group among the 26 teams in the competition.
Apart from the challenge and the scientific and logistic gains, the competition offers monetary prizes of thirty million dollars. Space IL, a nonprofit association, has promised to donate prize money to the advancement of technological and scientific education in Israel.
Your EL AL Club points can fulfill the dream of taking us to the moon.

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Founded in 2000 by the parents of cancer stricken children, Larger Than Life was formed as a non profit organization to better the lives of these children in Israel.
Larger Than Life activities affect over 1,500 children with cancer, some terminally ill, and their families, each year regardless of their faith, race or gender.

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​Chai Lifeline:
When a child is ill, the entire family feels the pain.
From the moment of diagnosis, Chai Lifeline is there for the entire family, offering hope and help through two-dozen, year-round programs that enable patients, parents, and siblings to cope with the crises and daily challenges of serious pediatric illness.

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​Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization
The guiding principle of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization is the rehabilitation and social integration of disabled veterans, who contributed in soul and body to the establishment of the State of Israel and to safeguarding its continued existence. The organization offers a wide range of sport and rehabilitative services (Beit Halochem) for IDF disabled and supports its members in dealings with Israel’s institutions and authorities.

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