Bonus Ticket Conditions


Bonus Tickets

Bonus Ticket Conditions:
  • Reserving seats on the flight using entitlement to a bonus ticket is subject to special classes for bonus tickets
  • Ticketing date for bonus tickets in Economy Class E, Business Class X and First Class P:Over 35 days before the flight date – 21 days from the date of the reservation.35 days before the flight date – 3 days from the reservation date.Up to 3 days before the flight date (not including the day of the flight) – until 8pm on the day after the ticket was reservedTicketing the bonus or changing the date of departure within 3 business days and up to 24 hours (full business day) before the flight, will entail a charge as specified in the table (in Israel shekels including VAT) at the time of ticketing
  • The bonus ticket is valid for one year from the date of issue, for departures and returns
  • The bonus ticket is valid only for EL AL flight sand the ticket cannot be transferred to other airlines
  • The bonus ticket does not allow flights to be combined with other airlines (except in special agreements)
  • The bonus tickets cannot be upgraded – neither an assured upgrade in advance or a reduced price ticket at the last minute (48 hours before the flight and at the airport)
  • A bonus ticket allows one stop (on the outgoing or the return trip) for a roundtrip ticket, at no charge
  • Destinations may be combined on a bonus ticket issued for EL AL flights. The fare will be determined according to the one way priced for each destination in the Table of Zones
  • Bonus ticket flights, even when some of the points were purchased with money, do not earn points
  • Bonus tickets in First Class do not entitle passengers to free transport to the airport
  • Canceling a bonus ticket – not including deals. The conditions for canceling bonus tickets that are part of a deal are according to the deal regulations
  • The name of the passenger on the bonus ticket cannot be changed
  • There are no discounts on bonus tickets (children’s discounts / students / pensioners)
  • Payment for bonus tickets: points + taxes and cash supplement for the number of points purchased