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​Other Partners


Accumulate your Matmid frequent flyer points when purchasing from our partners for your next Israeli airlines EL AL flight. Please show your card when purchasing a product/service from one of our partners, in order to receive your points.

Any queries regarding partner points should be referred directly to the relevant partner and in accordance with conditions set down as part of the cooperative agreement.

Fly & Buy - EL AL Duty Free

Benefits are awarded on purchases of over $50.
Purchases of electrical appliances on the plane do not earn points

* $50 - $99: Receive 1 point for every $7 spent
* $100 - $199: Receive 1 point for every $6 spent
* $200 - $299 - Receive one point for every $5 spent
* Over $300 - Receive 1 point for every $4 spent

Please present your membership card when making a purchase on an
EL AL plane



Termination of the Sonol and Matmid agreement
For your information, on December 10th, 2014 the agreement between Sonol and the Matmid  will come to an end.
The accumulation of points will continue as it is today until December 9, 2014.
1 Matmid point for every NIS 400 spent at a Sonol gas station or at 1 of the So Good convenience  shops participating in the campaign.
1 Matmid point for every NIS 800 spent on gas purchased through "Dalkan" at Sonol gas stations participating in the campaign

Walla Shops

1 Matmid point for every NIS 300 in purchases on the Walla!! Shops website
For more information: www.wallashops.co.il


EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Members shopping at
Rikushet stores earn one point on every NIS 100 purchase

To receive the benefit, members must present their Matmid Club membership card

H. Stern

For every purchase of $100 from any store in the chain, receive one Israeli airlines EL AL Matmid point .

Contact: 03-6323666

Optica Halperin

1 point for every 150 shekel TL - 5% discount in addition to sale price PL\TP\GL\SL - 10% in addition to sale price.

Contact: 03-6150300