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Flights from Israel to Los Angeles with EL AL

Los Angeles is not only the undisputed capital of the west coast, but it is also the place where Hollywood is and one of the most important cultural centers of the world. In this sparkling city you can soak in the glimmer and star dust, and stroll down the hopping avenues and the spectacular luxury neighborhoods.

A visit to the Malibu and Santa Monica beach strips, the enormous theme parks, and the museums and excellent restaurants will make the trip into an unforgettable American experience. Here you can get all the information needed for planning a flight to Los Angeles – information on the weather, transportation, special deals and more details that will help you make this trip feel like the movies.

With EL AL you can fly safely and swiftly to Los Angeles. Direct flights to Los Angeles, done in 777 airplanes, take off from TLV airport and land at Los Angeles Airport. At EL AL you will receive a comfortable and safe flight experience, with a rich entertainment package in VOD.


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