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Where to eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Restaurants

Dining in Tel Aviv is always a delight. The fresh ingredients, seasonal produce, local spices and Mediterranean flavor have already put Israeli cuisine on the map. Now there are some renowned and on the rise Israeli chefs on the flourishing culinary scene who are bringing exciting twists to the already delicious classics.

Their mix of tradition, creativity and natural stylehas brought Israeli dining to a world class level. From rich vegetarian and vegan options to kosher gourmet, meats, seafood, and hummus, there is plenty of versatility to satisfy every palette and lifestyle.

This upscale restaurant located in the Dan Hotel is one of Tel Aviv’s most highly rated dining spots. There you can sample fine quality and flavorful Moroccan influenced cuisine in a chic setting that overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Blue Sky
Located on the roof of the Carlton Hotel, appraised chef Meir Adoni brings you the best of kosher cuisine with another amazing panorama view of the coast on one side and the city on the other. The menu at this luxurious restaurant is dairy and fish based.

This quirky Georgian restaurant on the trendy Lilienblum Street is loaded with character, ambience and funky interior design. This popular dinner and drink spot is always crowded and features live music, dances, high spirits and good food. The unique vegan menu will please meat lovers as well.

This chain of organic coffee houses serves generous portions of delicious salads, hearty sandwiches, pasta dishes, sweets, and healthy juices. Here you will find plenty of vegetarian choices, but if you do go for the chicken options you can rest assured that it will be hormone free and good for you. The menu is carefully designed and the atmosphere is casual and pleasant.

Abu Hasan
Israelis are ritualistic about their hummus. Abu Hasan, the traditional family owned Hummusia in Jaffa, has been serving what the locals seem to unanimously regard as the best Hummus for 40 years. Every weekend lines form and locals withstand long waits for this special bowl of Hummus. Once seated, the vibe inside is hurried and noisy, but authentic.  The only way to understand why so many people would go through all this effort for a Hummus dish is to experience it for oneself. Get there early because they close when the Hummus finishes.

Useful Tips:

  • Israelis customarily tip between 10%- 20% at restaurants, cafes and bars
  • On Shabbat, some eateries do close but many still choose to stay open
  • Many fine restaurants do offer lunch specials on weekdays, so if you are traveling on a budget you can still enjoy Tel Aviv’s top chef restaurants
  • Make reservations during dinner time and on weekends to ensure your table

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